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Casa Mutina by Patricia Urquiola: The First Mutina Showroom in Milan


Casa Mutina is located at number 1A via Cernaia, in the Brera district, which is not only one of Milan’s central and most characteristic historical quarters, but also a privileged hub for the world of art and design. During the annual Salone del Mobile, Brera hosts some of the most important presentations and events and swarming with both aficionados and professionals.

mutina showroom milan 2

The brand’s aim was it to create a space that didn’t seem a showroom, something rather intimate, like a home ready to welcome those that look at Mutina as a point of reference. “I fell in love with this idea, and it’s exactly what Casa Mutina represents: I’d describe it as a ‘non-showroom’, open to change and evolution, exchange and dialogue. Here, the visitor won’t find traditional product displays, but rather a tactile experience that takes place along a wooden walkway that guides them through the five rooms, each with its own personality.

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Here ceramics comes to life. Visitors can explore the different tactile qualities. The anteroom is a warm, personal domestic art gallery. Moving on, the visitor enters the study, the bathroom, the kitchen with annexed dining room and parlor, and equipped with a workstation. There are many possibility to interact physically. Moving from one room to the next, the space also invites to reflect on home working.”

mutina showroom milan 7

mutina showroom milan 6

The architecture is characterized by a boiserie that emulates the different functions of the various rooms of an apartment: entrance, study, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The tactile aspect of the floor and wall tiles creates a pleasant contrast with the texture of the ceiling (clear heights is up to 240 cm). It is designed to create a sense of intimacy that conventional showroom usually lack.

mutina showroom milan 3

mutina showroom milan 9

“The project is based on a modular system. Parts are easily replaceable, especially the boiserie and the panelling. Yet at the same time, this is not evident. The system is extremely adaptable, always able to create an atmosphere that makes visitors feel at home. Casa Mutina is intimate and mutable.”

mutina showroom milan 14

mutina showroom milan 13

A wooden walkway guides the visitor through the different rooms, each defined by a texture that marks out and defines its specific function.

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mutina showroom milan 1

mutina showroom milan 4

The floating floor and the boiserie break away from the existing structure of the apartment in which cleanliness, clarity and tidiness are the central concept throughout. The design is completed by the choice of floor tiles that are not attached to the wall and thus resemble rugs, and the pinkish unfinished walls above the boiserie, which reflect the rigor in all rooms.

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mutina showroom milan 8

“The journey with Mutina is one of beauty, empathy and evolution. One thing has not changed, however; it is still as amusing and exciting as ever. We still ask ourselves many questions on increasingly intricate aspects. We challenge ourselves constantly and are never satisfied.”

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