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Re.canto House by Arquitetura27


A 120m² haven with a large living room, wine cellar, contemplative kitchen and a backyard. The name of the environment carries its essence, Re.canto (of the self). It was designed to be a space of connection.

ranto house arquitetura27 1

The living room has few covering materials, enriching each chosen material. The use of Pau Ferro from Arauco evokes the past and the sophistication of Brazilian design, covering the back wall and the ceiling, creating a single block. The sloping roof intensifies the notion of shelter, gradually decreasing the 4.5m ceiling.

ranto house arquitetura27 5

On the side walls, protection screens were used, which brought an unusual texture and intensified the symbolisms used in the project, walls of protection. All furniture, including the large bookcase, also uses the same laminate. On the shelf, many books permeate works of art and objects full of memories and attachments. Among them, the wall clock used next to an eye, making an almost surreal composition.

ranto house arquitetura27 6

The cellar is an intimate and playful environment. The space has a ceiling and one of it surfaces covered by a silver mirror where the sculpture “Le Vita 07” by Estudio Manus floats in the air. On the floor, the shadow of the floating sculpture is projected on the pieces of soapstone.

ranto house arquitetura27 4

Soapstone is used in the Seixo handles designed by the Firm, in the water bank of the external area and also in the fish sculpture made by artisans from Minas Gerais, which floats in the waters. On the deck, we opted for ecological gray-toned wood.

ranto house arquitetura27 12

Between the living room and the balcony, PVC frames were used allowing a great integration between the room and the external space. Along the sliding doors, vertical slats in dyed wood were installed filtering the sun rays, allowing a gradually lighted space.

ranto house arquitetura27 13

In the contemplative kitchen, the large tree canopy embraces the wooden table, an aged jackfruit tree top next to the cooking island in Dekton, both protected from the elements by the laminated glass covering. The leaves of the trees function as a large natural screen allowing rays to arrive in a delicate and pleasant way.

ranto house arquitetura27 3

Nature connects to architecture, an affectionate and functional landscaping with a vegetable garden and grass designed by landscape architect Sinthia Ferrari along architecture27. Further down, a water bank joins the sea and points to infinity. José Carlos Vilar’s sculpture balances the linearity of the water with the tree, giving shade to a contemplative hammock that hangs in the air. Architects: Arquitetura27; Area: 1291 ft²; Year: 2019; Photographs: Felipe Araujo, Camila Santos;

ranto house arquitetura27 7

ranto house arquitetura27 2

ranto house arquitetura27 11

ranto house arquitetura27 8

ranto house arquitetura27 9