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Regina House


Located in the village of Gaüses in Alt Empordà, Spain, OAB – Office of Architecture in Barcelona has built a private residence for industrial designer/surrealist artist Pete Sans, and painter/mural artist Regina Saura. The house has been designed to reflect the owners’ aesthetic and creative approach, with the decoration featuring many of the couple’s creations.

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Determined by the topographical orientation and concern for privacy, the dwelling by OAB is articulated as a set of 12.5 x 5 metre pavilions interspersed with voids or courtyards. The programme is organised in the pavilions, while the voids provide access and allow cross-ventilation, as well as sufficient lighting to enter within the interiors.

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The architects have essentially created a simple building, efficient thanks to the insulation, with its construction expressed in the materiality of its finishes. The inclined concrete ceilings and steel semi-beams, ceramic tongue and groove that receives the insulation, and arab roof tiles, are complemented with white stuccoed walls and polished concrete floors.

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Outside, there is a garden with lush native vegetation, as an extension of the local landscape. In addition, there is a small swimming pool and a movable pergola designed by pete sans.

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Over the years, Pete Sans has created an extensive collection of sculptures which have found their place in the new residence. These art pieces include the cat-bench which is placed on the porch, the grasshopper on the patio and the metal spiders by the swimming pool. In addition, a lot of Regina Saura’s paintings can be found within the interior, but she has also left her mark on the most visible exterior facade, with a naturalist mural motif acting as a signature.

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name: Regina house; Architecture office: OAB – office of architecture in Barcelona; Lead architect: Carlos Ferrater; Location: Gaüses, Spain;

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