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Vilnius Old Town Apartment by DIZU


In contemporary design, more and more artists search for that middle ground, and unexpected entwinement between modern and rustic, organic and industrial, raw and sophisticated richens of design material. This dynamic loft project in Vilnius by Renata Mockutė –  studio DIZU, offers not only the best take on modern spatial dynamics.

dizu vilnius apartment 3

dizu vilnius apartment 4

dizu vilnius apartment 15

Still, it develops the beauty of the bones of the original construct its hints spread throughout the unusual space. The décor idea also includes craft and modern design furniture elements and decor details. Open floor arrangement hosts the main social areas – a kitchen corner decided in monochrome colors and expressive materials – concrete slabs for a ceiling, partial brick walls, and tailored skylight openings attractively illuminate gorgeous wooden accents.

dizu vilnius apartment 14

dizu vilnius apartment 6

Smooth transition leads to a small dining area and a trendy modular sofa in vibrant, deep blue, forming loge zone. Another skylight opening formed by the mezzanine level terrace opens the room in this end and balances the spatial arrangement. An artistic juxtaposition between modern elegance and rustic, antique elements keeps the decor’s harmony in the golden middle for a contemporary project with organic hart.

dizu vilnius apartment 2

An intriguing sequence of stairs, metal meshes, and unexpected niches ( like the comfy chair with a breathtaking view that invites you to read, relax or observe) lead to the secludes space of the private, bedroom-bathroom, zone. The organic materials palette prevails here as well. Long textile curtains, exposed brick walls, and craft elements give a warm and cozy feel to the modern design stylistic. Photo: Leonas Garbačiauskas;

dizu vilnius apartment 7

dizu vilnius apartment 12

dizu vilnius apartment 13

dizu vilnius apartment 16

dizu vilnius apartment 9

dizu vilnius apartment 11