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82 m2 Minimalist Apartment in Kyiv


FILD designed this stunning 82 m2 minimalist apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine: The well-combined materials, patterns, and textures create an attractive, mature perception of the dwelling. The general mood of the apartment reflects a modern, sophisticated, tranquil in color, quality space.

rybalsky apartment fild 1

rybalsky apartment fild 2

The color palette is composed predominantly of monochromatic tones. Grey tints in combination with genial dimmed brown oak shades deliver a subtle perception of restful mood. As mentioned earlier, the black kitchen takes all responsibility for a major input in the color scheme. The main area consists of a casual lounge zone, a dining area, an open kitchen, and two separate terrace entrances.

rybalsky apartment fild 3

The black kitchen block, made from matt-black FENIX NTM, creates a perfect accent in the apartment.
Furniture facades from the kitchen to wardrobe illustrate one single line linking together the apartment layout plan. Standard kitchen cabinets were intentionally removed from the design composition to emphasize the lightness of the entire furniture set.

rybalsky apartment fild 5

Particularly attentive viewer will easily notice that adjacent walls, floor abutments and furniture have a common element – a shadow gap, which demonstrates fundamental minimalist approach and distinguishes the overall forms.

rybalsky apartment fild 4

Partially glazed solid tile bathroom is a centerpiece of the interior project. It’s displayed as a standalone cube levitating above the general floor level and separating the main area and the master bedroom.

rybalsky apartment fild 6

Ceppo di Gre texture tile covering the entire bathroom space, including floor, walls and ceiling offers a perfect setting for bathroom accessories in a completely monolithic unit.

rybalsky apartment fild 7

The master bedroom unveils pure simplicity. Bed frame was primarily designed to provide its owner with a flawless power nap. 2 x 2 meters mattress base offers unlimited freedom of sleeping positions. Well-balanced side bed area gives an opportunity for a multilevel seating disposition. Rather low bed type structure refers to the modern Asian style influence.

Interior Designer and Project Coordinator: Dan Vakhrameyev; Construction Coordinator: Yuriy Vakhrameyev; Location: RYBALSKY, Kyiv, Ukraine; Project Area: 82 sq.m; Completion date: May 2020; All photos by Andrey Bezuglov;

rybalsky apartment fild 8