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3 Modern Office Design Concepts by Czech Studio Reactor


The young and creative Czech design studio Reactor had created some interesting, fresh and contemporary interior design projects that explore the concept of modern office spaces and its best variations of a dynamic work environment, playful decor compositions, and multi-functional spaces.

studio reaktor projekty pristav 11

studio reaktor projekty pristav 9

The vibe that the teams from the Studio explore the most is vibrant and elegant at the same time, with hints of industrial laid on comfort, offering communication, flexible spaces, and inviting shearing. We will present you with three of their projects, which are giving a fresh view towards contemporary working space. The designers of the creative studio like concrete exposed walls and bespoke metal frames and furniture details with a hint of vibrant color introduced amidst neutral color base – the overall feel is of energetic and stylish spaces, with a creative and trendy vibe, without trying too hard.

studio reaktor projekty pristav 10

studio reaktor projekty pristav 8

The first project transforms a carpentry workshop located near Holešovice Harbor into a contemporary working hub and co-sharing space with clam and functional aesthetics, based on industrial inspirations and modern dynamics of movement. The neutral color base, paying homage to the concrete spine structures, is freshened – up and when needed warmed, by conceptual splashes of color designating the different working zones – mustard yellow, light green, and other spring-inspired colors give focal accents in the prevailing gray environment. Trendy metal meshes form the windows and skylight opening, giving the place its luminosity and stylish vibe. Using the sequence of suspended industrial lamps, the design creators cleverly lead the gaze throughout the open (yet securing privacy offices and meeting rooms) space.

studio reaktor projekty livesport 4

studio reaktor projekty livesport 1

The next project of office space designed by the Reactor Studio has as the primary motive – the sport – so the creative team led the vibrant colors and characteristic lines to create a specific and dynamic ambiance. Following the curves of the office space, distinctive lines on both floors and ceilings, create a place of smooth transitions and sportive in hart artistry. The search for sportive possibilities in the workspace is quite a powerful trend in modern office design, and this project can be one of the iconic examples of it.

studio reaktor projekty livesport 2

studio reaktor projekty livesport 3

While neutral colors and tactically chosen soft surfaces created an environment for focused work, running tracks and acoustic sticks bring movement, agility, and dynamism into the game. Although conceived in very competitive origin and stress by time and budget implementations, this project offers the easy-going playfulness of a young sportive spirit. Mini-golf courses, smooth Mexican waves – rising from the floors to form bars – and many other whimsical details create not only a functional space for teamwork but an office with individuality and character.

studio reaktor projekty hubhub 5

And the third project of theirs that we will like to bring to your attention also possesses the signature design touches characteristic for the previous projects of the Reaktor’s teams. Modern design with elegant, neutral color base vitalized by splashes of bold colors, industrial spaciousness and raw aesthetic touches, fashionable insertions that bring bespoke comfort and individuality. Here the organic warmth of the wooden structures and elements has a more solid presence and alternates with metal and glass structures, gray and bold red color accents. The expressive composition creates a work environment that entwines natural purity and industrial charm.

studio reaktor projekty hubhub 6

Small playful elements such as write-on- walls, garbage cans with refreshments, office vehicles (skateboards, scooters) add distinct charm to the décor idea for this co-working space. The open walls are dedicated to local artists, an idea coming from the Hubhub members.

studio reaktor projekty hubhub 7