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Urban Loft Paint with Neutral Colors, Marble and Wood


With the premise of few and good elements, architects value simplicity and the natural! They took advantage of the elegant layout, clean surfaces and pure volume so associated with the identity of Crippa e Assis Arquitetura. Neutral colors and especially marble and wood divide the scene, as does the selection of furniture by Brazilian designers, such as Jader Almeida, and works of art by Gabriel Wickbold. Loft goes straight to the point and brings only elements necessary for use, but without losing its elegance and grandeur.

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 4

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 5

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 11

Architects Maria Alice Crippa and Gustavo Assis, realized that the role of the house also interferes in stimulating the sensations, which are responsible for providing this inner reunion. From this perspective, we idealized Loft on Life, an affective welcoming space, to embrace and bring comfort through the senses. The space is divided into three areas distributed in 72m². The first of these is the social sector, called Reunir – Interakt Living, and the super comfortable Natuzzi sofa, bring comfort to the space of Receiving with the fireplace.

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 9

The environment features artwork by artist Gabriel Wickbold. The kitchen employs a contemporary trend of Kitchen, as it combines the actions of making, eating / drinking, and receiving, on a central island, with the dining table leaning against the island. When advancing in space, there is the Meditate – Relax – Work sector, as we need to mix work with relaxation And finally, the intimate area, inside a large box lined with wood, is also subdivided into three actions: Sleep – Dress – Bathroom, consisting of a suite.

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 2

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 8

The project as a whole comes from an attempt to perceive the new ways of using spaces and new habits present in the daily life of the contemporary individual, with the desire to stimulate human relationships through environments that contribute to well-being, prioritizing people, their truths, their experiences, actions and emotions, in order to create welcoming atmospheres where everything happens Spaces capable of creating and awakening memories, that embrace the soul, and which complete its residents, becoming true havens of Online life.

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 3

Architects: Crippa e Assis Arquitetura; Area: 72 m²; Year: 2019; Photographs: Eduardo Macarios;

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 6

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 1

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 7

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 12

loft crippa e assis arquitetura 13