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62 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Are Anything But Boring


The concept of minimalism is trending quite powerfully on the interior design scene with a good reason for that. Еspecially when it comes to leisure or relaxation zones of the home. Minimalism, as a design approach, focuses on functionality and pure aesthetics, fallowing the guideline of “less is more.” What is more suiting than creating a simple, elegant, and minimalist ambiance for your relaxation space? Our bedrooms are precisely that – a sanctuary for relaxation and comfortр so the pure lines of modern minimalism in decor are perfect for a place clean of unnecessary distractions and excess decorations. Purity for body and soul are suitable teams for modern bedroom decors.

minimalist bedroom decor interiorzine 4

Speaking of modern, although modern and minimalism are often used in combination as a term in interior design, they do not necessarily acquire established stylistic, which is characteristic for modern design. In reality, minimalism can explore many different design styles – from Boho to industrial, from vintage to classic. And in this article, we have selected for you current design projects that give a full picture of minimalist bedroom decor design ideas – either as an organic composition or ultra-sleek and modern decor – for open space bedrooms or for small space designs.

Variations in colors, materials, and shapes are also quite profoundly explored in the world’s design scene. Although white or neutral colors are considered the epitome of modern minimalist design, splashes of bolder colors and combinations can work quite well in minimalist bedroom decors, and we will present you with some iconic modern designs, which prove that.

Because minimalism is more a state of mind or a lifestyle guideline that a “set in stone” artistic style, one can embrace minimalism and still add unique, artful, or personal touches, especially in privet space like one’s bedroom. The beauty is in the diversity and individual variety. Let’s explore.

Boho Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Many urban dwellers with romantic inclinations choose to decorate their most intimate space – the bedroom, (and sometimes the whole apartment for that matter); in the vivid and characteristic bohemian style. Warm, vital colors, living plants, and organic materials selections, craft elements, or vintage and unique pieces of furniture are characteristic of this trendy stylistics. And yes – minimalism and Boho stylistic are not opposite and can be combined quite successfully, they are both fashionable and inspirational powerful searches for modern designers, and here are some proofs.

boho organic materials minimalist bedroom 3

Image credit: Kapsimalis Architects

A delightful clay cave hosts sleek minimalism with an artful color splash – a low profile bed, geometric shaped lamps, and neutral color selection make this room a minimalist lover’s dream. Unique and artful lines and modern chair design make the place both characteristic and comfortable.

The expressive and vibrant color combinations and unexpected accents are one of the cornerstones of the Boho inspired interior compositions – so, to dissect, which are the trends in the colors scene, it is an exploratory pleasure. First, the soft pink and varying plums shades never go out of style when we speak about bohemian bedroom design. Combined with winter-inspired navy, steel grey, and smoky blues and their pastel tonalities, one can create a soft and tranquil ambiance. For modern bedrooms and minimalist composition, just a single touch or splash of those colors can bring immense warmth, comfort, or unique personality.

boho minimalist bedroom decor 8

Image credit: DOS Architects

The organic inspiration presented in many of the Bohemian decors reflects not only in the materials combination, but it also marks the color choices. Earthly tonalities, eucalyptus greens, warm tones: such as amber and burgundy, or clay inspired hues are also an excellent choice for warm cocoon-like bedroom ambiance. And those neutral and earthly choices go perfectly well with the minimalist set of mind expecting purity and simplicity.

boho organic materials minimalist bedroom 2

Image credit: Studio Four

The other good news about the Earth-inspired color palette is that being all hail from nature, the different colors can be styled together almost effortlessly without visually burdening the decor composition – another keynote important for your minimalist bedroom design.

boho minimalist bedroom decor 4

Image credit: Lineburg Wang

boho minimalist bedroom decor 3

Image credit: Lineburg Wang

Just a single, crafted element can make your minimalist bedroom design to give a playful nod to the Boho stylistic: a woven rug or furniture element, antique bedside table with strong organic and artful presence, linen curtains or bed covers, wooden custom made structures and clay niches – all can be an excellent addition depending on the overall aesthetics. Minimalism and Boho stylistics can easily go hand in hand in the modern design scene. Choose your minimalist bedroom Boho inspiration and apply it boldly.

vivid bohemian style minimalist bedroom 1

Image credit: Futureflip

Modern Serenity – Stick to an All-White Palette

And speaking of classic or predetermined perception of minimalism all-white decor compositions are inherently minimalist. And because of their serine emanation and feeling of purity go perfectly well for relaxing and chill out space as the bedrooms. But good designers know, total whiteness can be overbearing so they elegantly introduce small detail with additional presence: a neutral color splash, sprinkle of pastel, wooden structures, or bones. Balance is important and can be quite fun to create.

modern serenity all white palette bedroom 1

Image credit: John Pawson

Nonetheless, white as the main color scheme has its perks, it is timeless and elegant. It can create a feeling of spaciousness and endless freedom for your small minimalist bedroom and introduce a serene softness into the ambiance. Perfect for the space to relax and calm.

minimal all white bedroom decor 2

Image credit: Arquitectura-G

And modern designers love to combine the white base (floor, ceiling, frames, bedding, and furniture elements) with touches of natural wood or fresh green plants as focal points, thus creating a very organic and pure ambiance – just a dream time place.

Here the organic wood structures and frames and the polished concrete floors give a pure and modern touch to the elegant white minimalism.

monochrome bedroom decor 17

Image credit: Studio Four

Nature introduced into small minimalist bedroom decor – a very Zen and elegant feel. Atrium windows and inner courtyards – even minimalist ones – are quite trendy of late.

modern serenity all white palette bedroom 9

Image credit: Upstairs

modern serenity all white palette bedroom 8

Image credit: Upstairs

Colorful Bedroom Decor Wall

But hey, minimal doesn’t always have to be shades of gray and white. Free your imagination and boldly explore. Let’s take a step together into the colorful world of modern minimalist bedroom ideas and see how a splash of moody colors and painted walls can go perfectly well with the simplicity in the rest of the decor. Let’s start with something simple – a single pastel color.

pastel color minimalist bedroom decor 2

Image credit: Note Design Studio

pastel color minimalist bedroom decor 1

Image credit: Léo Shehtman

In this design composition, the calming and somehow warm shade of pastel avocado greens is a perfect setting for the entwinement of classic and modern in the stylistic. The juxtaposition between the classic ceiling rims and the modernistic note in the furniture and lamp details is brought together by the color base’s creamy soothes.

colorful modern minimalist bedroom decor 2

Image credit: YoDezeen

Something moodier and inviting at the same time this modern dwelling project has richer color composition – an entwinement of bachelor’s grays and partial black walls are vitalized by the mustard yellow wall accent. The large bed platform looks as a natural extension of the gray rug, and the pedant laps accentuate the color accent of the walls. Although minimalist, the space offers dynamic and fragmented stylistics.

colorful modern minimalist bedroom decor 3

Image credit: Elisa Ossino

Even a bold and moody color choice can give a sense of calm and cozy invitation as well. This dark navy blue bedroom setting proves it – inviting for an exotic and comfortable bedtime that does not exclude modern and bold experiences. The trendy brass accent of the bed headboard, together with the shining cone base of the coffee table, gives a wonderful contrast to the dark base of the color.

colorful bedroom decor wall 4

Image credit: Linnea Salmen

Cheerful and modern design composition for a fresh minimalist bedroom project. Thin metal frames – a very trendy and artistic design choice from the world’s design scene – here are introducing a certain lightness and boyish playfulness and energy to the decor. The combination of gray shades and the vital blue partial wall become a fresh and even playful addition to the light and youthful interior idea.

pastel color minimalist bedroom decor 5

Image credit: Bjurfors

Something more feminine and soft as an expression – the pastel pinks and rose-dust shades are a wonderful softener of spaces and when it comes to minimalist bedroom decors – give an excellent cozy and classic-elegant feel.

colorful bedroom decor wall 9

Image credit: Linnea Salmen

And as a final something more mature and expressive – an earthly shades combination can ground and finalize your minimalist and organic experience.

Go Entirely Monochrome – Thoughtful Use of Grays

So, what exactly do you need to achieve the minimalist bedroom look? Well, simple shapes, clear lines, and a monochrome color palette sound like a good base. Keeping the decoration simplistic doesn’t necessarily mean boring  – in fact, introducing a large framed window as a picturesque focal point can give you all the dynamic you need before going to sleep.

minimalist monochrome bedroom decor

Image credit: Pinterest

This approach – pure and clean decor and bed orientated towards a framed window – is quite popular with modern designers when it comes to trendy minimalist bedrooms, as you can explore in the examples below. This search for a seemingly unobstructed contact with surrounding Nature is also a very popular approach for contemporary designers all around the world of late. So, richness introduced by nature: clear lines, simple bedding (linen and wool are a perfect addition to the organic view), low bed platforms, and neutral color base a quite good start (and in some cases finish) for a minimalist bedroom design.

monochrome bedroom decor 2

Image credit: Ira Lysiuk

Regarding the color palette: keep it as simple as possible – a few muted shades and touches of white for a soothing space are a very apt theme for a place of relaxation. If you choose to use different patterns or expressive textures, try to keep them in tune with each other. Gray palettes are always welcome when it comes to minimalist bedroom ideas. Actually – gray is definitely the new black, when it comes to modern minimalism.

minimalist monochrome bedroom decor 2

Image credit: YoDezeen

So, here is another good tip for creating a minimalist space in your bedroom: the color selection can be a key – let the gray prevail! It is a color that combines exceptionally well with other choices, and a variety of its own shades is elegant and simple, yet it can be warm, inviting, and diverting. Exploring the different shades of this color is also a dynamic experience with unexpended twists and a good choice for your minimalist bedroom decor project because it may seem simple and elegant but can have a strong individuality with the different combinations of shades.

minimalist monochrome bedroom decor project studio toota

Image credit: Studio Toota

Adding a natural wood touches to the gray palette gives an organic warmth and purity that goes perfectly with the minimalist concept. And if the few furniture pieces included in the interior are crafted or with unique design and sculptural presence, you have hit the trifecta: stylish, inviting, and personal.

Gray base and color selection for your bedroom can be quite felicitous. First gray and its nuances never go out of style. It is also easy to maintain and combine with other color accents and gives this well-balanced middle-ground of warm, elegant, and pure. And it can be a good base for bout modern or classic arrangements.

monochrome bedroom decor 3

Image credit: La Shed Architecture

monochrome bedroom decor 5

Image credit: StudioPine

In this bedroom project, we see an insertion of few base approaches: monochrome color palate, unique yet simplistic lines, and a touch of a classic inspiration in the decor (the arched windows and decorative ceiling rims). Beautiful and elegant. And thanks to the deep shades, play between light and contrasts, and expressive lines give a bit of a Gothic vibe as well. As we mentioned in the beginning – minimalism does not always mean modern or industrial, it can have Boho, Classical or undefined nuances – a great variety of styles to choose for your minimalist bedroom project.

monochrome bedroom decor

Image credit: Emil Dervish

Stylish Bedrooms With Wood Clad Walls

You may have noticed that in this article, we are trying to convince you that modern minimalism has a broad spectrum of expressions and is much more flexible and complex as a style that one can think at first. So, even if you want a minimalist bedroom experience, there is no reason not to introduce the warm, creamy note of the wooden panels into any modern minimalism bedroom designs.

wood panels cozy minimalist bedroom 2

Image credit: Rob Kennon Architects

wood panels cozy minimalist bedroom 1

Image credit: Liminal Architecture

As a bonus – wood has some thermal isolation qualities, organic presence (and great smell), and timeless aesthetics that can last almost forever. Wooden panels, reclaimed wood, wooden headboards, or vertical stripes are a great textural way to balance any cold minimalism project and neutral color palette selection and turn it into a relaxing, personal sanctuary. Wooden walls and cladding can make a significant impact both in terms of aesthetics and the mood of the space, they adorn, and they can turn even the most sophisticated contemporary bedroom into a comfortable, cozy space.

stylish bedroom wood clad walls 3

Image credit: Demidova Architects

Those first two examples of minimalist bedrooms with wooden panes are also a part of a bigger trend flow – the Escape movement in modern design, the search of seemingly unobstructed borders between in and out, and the introduction of Nature as a design protagonist. Beautiful, sunny and spacious as a feel those modern bedroom design examples use the wooden cladding and its organic and sophisticated presence as a compliment to the lush panoramic views.

minimalist bedroom wooden panels 8

Image credit: Georgina Jeffries

Clear lines and custom-made constructs create the modern minimalist design of this bedroom project. The wood offers a subtle contrast that helps the otherwise dramatic grey to stand as an art installation more than anything else.

minimalist bedroom wooden panels 2

Image credit: Herbst Architects

A play of horizontal and vertical wooden cladding and stripes, together with the headboard walls give a dynamic and unique aesthetics to this bedroom design headboard walls are always a great candidate for innovation. These vertical and horizontal stripes make a good match with the dissected cube platform of the bead.

modern minimalism bedroom clad walls 1

Image credit: Fearon Hay Architects

modern minimalism bedroom clad walls 2

Image credit: Studio Rick Joy

Wood Panel Ceiling

Another exciting way to use the beauty of the wooden cladding into modern minimalist bedrooms designs is to introduce a wooden ceiling. Sloped A-frame ceiling giving the space the cozy feel of a chalet attic, exposed wooden beams reminiscent of a cottage hominess, modern dark stripes characteristic for contemporary Brazilian decor, blond wood that introduces that unparalleled purity, natural wood, plywood, laminate, tongue-and-groove board paneling or the classic Scandinavian wood, there are so many possibilities and choices to turn your bedroom project into cozy sanctuary.

wood panel bedroom ceiling 1

Image credit: Johnson Naylor and MS-DA

With its natural texture and charming style, wood ceilings are perfect for warming up any interior: the ones with white or a lighter finish that make your bedroom appear larger or the ones with a darker finish for an added sense of grandeur and comfort – are all susceptible to the pure charm of the wood.

wooden cladding minimalist bedroom 2

Image credit: Junctions90

wooden cladding minimalist bedroom 1

Image credit: Jennifer Bonner

wood panel bedroom ceiling 2

Image credit: YLAB Arquitectos

Minimalist Home Canopy Bed

Canopy beds: isn’t it kind of everybody’s dream to have a canopy bed? There is something very fairy tale like and romantic about them, even when decided with clear-lined and minimalist silhouettes. You don’t need an insane amount of money to acquire one, nor a mile of gauze muslin to drape over the top as if you live with the fairies and fauna of the woods.

minimalist home canopy bed 4

Image credit: Somia Design Studio

Today’s modern design of the canopy beds, although a reminiscent of a more romantic age possess the light structure and aerial appearance of modern dynamic times – so, it is perfect for your minimalist bedroom decor project. It actually can be quite a felicitous addition. It gives a focal frame that will sit perfectly into the light luminosity of the minimalist interior. The shape can do so much for even the smallest of rooms, adding height, geometry, and interest to what’s otherwise just an air space.

minimalist silhouette canopy bed 2

Image credit: Eligo Studio

And there is so much variety of shapes and design ideas on the world’s design scene of late that you will have no problem of choosing the most suitable for you: contrasting black frame, hot pink, trendy thin black metal ones or the purity of wooden cubes and frames – canopy beds are not in the history, they are in the minimalist bedroom’s feature.

minimalist home canopy bed 2

Image credit: Nicolehollis

minimalist silhouette canopy bed 1

Image credit: Gert Wingårdh

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Another very trendy and sculpturally beautiful design solution for modern minimalist bedrooms can be the platform storage beds. They are especially felicitous for minimalist bedroom designs for small rooms. Escaping the paradigm of practical but not stylish – the platform beds recently are turning into an artistic trend: modern designers create great variations of this intriguing structural construct.

minimalist bedroom design small room 1

Image credit: UDS LTD.

They can be decided as inspired by the Asian stylistic piece of furniture or featuring more dynamic and urban traits. Still, the final result is something unique, stylish, and at the same time, quite practical. These days the platform beds projects are so creative and attractive that designers use them even in spacious bedrooms and apartments with plenty of storage.

modern minimalist bedroom platform storage bed 3

Image credit: One Work Design

Elevating the bed on a platform that hosts a storage space below or at a side – is not only a stylish solution for limited urban premises with restricted space for storage. It is also a beautiful design solution that can graphically separate the bedroom space in an open plan composition.

platform storage bed design small room 1

Image credit: JAWSArchitects

platform storage bed design small room 2

Image credit: JAWSArchitects

Only by elevating the bed space into a platform, the designers can achieve a distinctive graphic separation of bedroom and the rest of the premises. There are some beautiful examples of that. Niche or a separate, custom-made cubical (often by wood or veneer panels) is another option for visual design separation of the platform storage beds in modern minimalist bedrooms.

hong kong apartment mnb design studio 1

Image credit: mnb design studio

Artistic structures and details are welcome when creating your own personal design expression.

minimalist bedroom design small room

Image credit: MDDM Studio

Stylish craft created cubical for hosting the bedroom premise. Very chic and welcoming.

Purity and clear lines in this custom-made platform bed project combined with luminous and minimalist decor.

modern minimalist bedroom platform storage bed 7

Image credit: Robitaille Curtis

Very Scandinavian sauna-like experience with the wooden cladding and narrow panoramic window. But plenty of storage space and a strong, cozy feel.

So, as you can see, the modern design scene offers great variations of modern decor instruments for achieving a minimalist, welcoming, and functional bedroom space that fallows the wise concept “of less is more.” Really, in modern times, where resources, livable space, or natural elements are scares – minimalism is a wise choice. And the good news is that contemporary design projects proved that we could do it stylishly and without the restriction of imagination and artistic expression.

design solution small bedroom

Image credit: Reddog Architects