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Interpretation of the Industrial New York City Loft in Vilnius


In the capital, in a 2-room apartment, interior designer Beata Senkevič presented her interpretation of the New York city loft. Using rather rough materials, as she says herself, she has created a cozy industrial-style interior in a 37-square-foot apartment.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 6

37 sq ft apartment interdio 1

The author of the interior B.Senkevič from the studio Interdio said for 15 minutes that the owner of the home is a young, energetic broker. He installed this dwelling for rent. “The owner showed me one photo from the New York city loft, and the result is my interpretation of the asked question. The goal, as always, is exclusivity, bold solutions that would attract tenants, but at the same time harmoniously combine the interior with the exterior, ”she said.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 2

According to B. Senkevič, deciding on the functional and ergonomic layout, I had to decide how to correctly separate the bedroom from the living room and on which side of the apartment these spaces should be taught. This was necessary because initially the housing had no borders and the solutions under the project were quite different. “We wanted to save the main living space, and we allocated the least space to the bedroom. The accent of the interior became glass doors, the idea of ​​which originated from shop windows, ”she explained.

37 sq ft apartment interdio 7

The kitchen is also designed so as not to overload the space, but it has all the necessary appliances. The industrial-style apartment immediately dictated the materials and color scheme to the designer. The interior is dominated by gray and various wood textures. “This apartment is cozy, although rough materials are used. Every space in this home is exceptional, ”she is convinced.

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