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66 Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs


Gorgeous weather, breathtaking views, fresh air spiced with the aroma of garden flowers, and delicious food and drinks shared with friends and family. Sounds like a dream, right? But, really, who can say that diner outside, barbeque party with friends, or elegant wine and cheese sharing with the girls by the pool are not the perfect resting and celebration moments?

modular metal system open kitchen 4

Unfortunately if one wishes to prepare an elaborate diner in their yard, one will need a lot of back-and-forth trips to the kitchen for supplies, appliances, and materials. Because let’s face it, even if you have brought all the necessary for your dinner outside, in midst cooking you will discover that a key ingredient is missing (even if it’s only the lid of the pot) – those are Murphy’s laws. So, to spare yourself the hustle of caring back and forth the diner elements when the mood for outdoor meal strikes, your best bet is to create an outdoor kitchen in your yard.

modular metal system open kitchen 3

And if you need additional convincing, we should let you know that the trends in the world of contemporary architecture and design are increasingly involving the outdoors as a natural extension of the homes: large floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook courtyards, in-gardens and carefully decorated terraces, consistent flooring that extends between habitable zones, and broken architectural barriers invite every house owner to include the outside premise into their daily lives.‎

biasol idyllic outdoor space 1

Hence, the fashion of outdoor kitchens, not just as simple barbecue stations, but as major multi-accessorized facilities designed to enjoy the benefits of the open air in the company of one’s guests, (and stay outside while preparing it too), are stimulating the imagination of designers to create beautiful kitchen premises outside the “box”‎.

biasol idyllic outdoor space 2

As we mentioned our best bet to explore in-depth the outdoor kitchen variations and design ideas is to lookup close in their materials compositions. The material choice is characterized by specific functionality, aesthetics, and stylistic. So let’s start our trip to the fashionable outdoor kitchen design with the metal kitchen assemblies.

biasol idyllic outdoor space 3

High-Pressure Laminate Outdoor Kitchen

This example of modern hot design for outdoor kitchen elements is from the TICINO Kitchen and is made of weather-resistant HPL – High-Pressure Laminate. Combining three stylish and movable modules with modern silhouettes, this line includes all necessary for modern outdoor cooking appliances – outside kitchen island-bar with water functions, a Heat module with gas barbeque, and a spacious outdoor kitchen countertop, workspace for creating even the most elaborate diner. All sustained in the shining modern simplicity of trendy metal surfaces and clean lines. Because the modules are identically sized, they can be arranged in many different functional configurations.

conmoto ticino kitchen 1

conmoto ticino kitchen 2

conmoto ticino kitchen 3

Metal Outdoor Kitchen

Here we have a trendy Kettal pavilion design for outdoor kitchen and dining space that combines clear lines and simple silhouettes with entwinement of materials and dynamic alternations of voids and solids again. The metal frame envelops the wooden stripes forming a shade-protective lattice, which gives privacy and seclusion for an outside dining experience. Movable kitchen island and shelves cart are arranged outside the shade. Movable top panels can be used for prep or to close the unit up when not in use. It can be connected to water and electricity, supplying just about everything one might need to cook and entertain outdoors.

kettal outdoor kitchen 1

kettal outdoor kitchen 2

kettal outdoor kitchen 3

And speaking of movable units and outside cabinets and countertops – those are probably your best bet if you have limited space or unpredictable weather conditions. Here is one small but highly functional modern jewel – a new project for a freestanding stainless steel kitchen by Alpes Inox. It may be on wheels but includes all the vital functions for a professional kitchen: washing, food preparation, cooking, conservation, storage.

freestanding stainless steel kitchen alpes inox 4

Another trendy design line offering a modular metal system for open kitchen is by Roshults. The big plus of the modular kitchen elements is that the flexibility of functions can be arranged according to your taste, needs, or style, no limits for imagination. The simplicity of shape and the lightness of design invite you to add some elegant accessories for an extra personal touch. Trendy and unpretentious metal frames and variety in colors can help you arrange your outside kitchen project just right.

modular metal system open kitchen roshults 3

As we have said before – simplicity and minimalism go perfectly with metal frames – especially trendy black kitchen frames. Here is an example of a free-standing modular system for outdoor kitchen cabinetry and countertop working space plus a vertical herbal garden. The beauty of the metal as a material for your outdoor kitchen project is not only that is durable and easy to maintain, but it also aloes for a modern simplicity of lines and can be fitted in any surrounding and design setting.

modular metal system open kitchen roshults 2

And speaking of everlasting style – metal outdoor kitchens can also have that romantic vintage touch in their design that will make your outside meal spiced up with sweet nostalgic.

fantin outdoor version kitchen workstation 1

Fantin released an outdoor version of their award-winning kitchen workstation. Designed by Salvatore Indriolo, both indoor and outdoor frame kitchens are available with two or three different function units and clothed with Barazza steel tops. The other feature of this kitchen modules design and creation ( apart of the classic reminiscence) that we love is that Fantin’s products promote sustainability, and are almost exclusively made of metal that’s 100% recyclable with non-toxic powder coatings.

fantin outdoor version kitchen workstation 3

Their modern-classic design is simple, with monochrome color and silhouette, exuding timeless and characteristic style.

fantin outdoor version kitchen workstation 2

Something more modern and robust as expression: the Abimis outdoor kitchens, using an AISI 316 stainless steel, the ‘super alloy’ resistant to water, sudden temperature changes and in general to atmospheric conditions. This design creates a cool and stylish monolith bloc that features shining surfaces (designed to limit any dirt and bacteria deposits and to be easy to clean). And one of its most compelling qualities – because of its compact design, the outdoor kitchen island can fit a generous terrace, as well as a swimming pool deck.

abimis outdoor kitchen 1

abimis outdoor kitchen 2

Another stainless-steel beauty with a simplistic silhouette and multiple functions is the outside kitchen unit by Arclinea. Hidden behind its simple facade, deep internal drawers, Built-in barbecue by Fulgor, and heat-isolated unit. The design is reminiscent of professional kitchen functionalism and provides the full “chef in your own garden” experience.

stainless steel outdoor kitchen arclinea 4

stainless steel outdoor kitchen arclinea 3

Don’t think; metal is heavy – the R2 model proves that stainless steel can have airy, elegant, and even delicate design expression. The modules of this line can be arranged, combined, and upgraded freely and over time – start with the island add up to a pizza oven, and so on.

stainless steel outdoor kitchen 5

stainless steel outdoor kitchen 6

ofyr island pro 6

The OFYR Island PRO is the mobile version of the OFYR Island 100-100 in Corten steel with a deeper base. The Island can be used on a paved surface. It includes a solid chopping board for food preparation, handy accessories tray and option for under-counter wood storage. The chopping board is available in thermal beech wood, light grey and dark grey ceramics. After use you should store the thermal beech wood board indoors whereas the ceramic boards can always stay outside.

ofyr island pro 7

ofyr island pro 8

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

As you know, we are big admirers of organic and nature-close design projects. In this sense, the wooden kitchens and kitchen elements are close to our heart, but we all realize that a completely wooden outdoor kitchen is practically impossible not only because of weather conditions but also because of the specifics required by the cooking process itself.

wooden outdoor kitchens riva 1920 3

That said, there are some fantastic modern design projects that heavily feature wooden details and beautiful organic elements entwined with other material choices from the outdoor kitchen composition. Much can be clad with wood to achieve that unique, texture-rich outlook; sings, cabinets, shelves, bases, or even partial tops. So, we have selected for you some very creative, fashionable, and stylish design project for an outdoor kitchen that will bring the joy of wooden profile into any design composition. Let’s explore.

wooden outdoor kitchens riva 1920 4

This beautiful collection, alternating wooden with stainless steel layers with various functions, is a creation by RIVA 1920. The line Libero Banco is a professional kitchen variation that features a multifunctional kitchen island hosting all you can need for preparing your outdoor meal. The stylish silhouette of the kitchen elements and the warm dark wood of their profile will sit perfectly on your wooden deck or terrace or in striking contrast with the fresh green of the surrounding plants. The line offers a trendy entwinement of warmth (the solid teak wood) ant cool industrial touch – the steel countertops very suitable for outside weather conditions. Multiple storage shelves and niches are also quite helpful when one is preparing his meals under the sky.

wooden outdoor kitchens riva 1920 5

The epitome of simplicity and straight lines this variation of outdoor kitchen countertop features stainless steel top and the unusual addition of a solid teak sink unit. Both laid upon a solid wooden base. When choosing your outdoor kitchen assembly, you may prefer movable units that can be combined in different dynamics, which is precisely what most collection on the contemporary design scene for outdoor kitchen wear, are offering at the moment.

wooden outdoor kitchens riva 1920 2

Different elements from the Only One designer island kitchens by RIVA 1920, can be fit in flexible combinations, making it a truly versatile outdoor kitchen composition.

wooden outdoor kitchens riva 1920 1

And speaking of flexible assemblies – this outdoor kitchen by Ikea, offers not only an affordable solution if you are a wood style lover but also does not make a compromise with the different functions, which one can expect to form his/her outdoor cooking space – grill included.

outdoor kitchen Ikea

An intriguing entwinement of wood and stainless steel into an industrial style professional kitchen includes a unit with an integrated fridge, grill, and fold up countertop. This stylistic offers functionality and a tidy look for your garden kitchen space.

steel frames wooden elements grill kitchen kaufmann 1

Another movable unit option that entwines steel frames and wooden elements is – the grill kitchen: exclusively designed for Kaufmann by Sebastian Herkner: Werisuitubyl. The design is very suitable for outdoor usage both as a material selection (umber-grey powder-coated stainless steel, larch wood, and ceramics – all durable and natural) and as an assembly design – hob’s hood, clear lines easy to maintain – deep sink in ceramic or steel, and the warm back of wooden stripes, with the aesthetics of a picket fence.

steel frames wooden elements grill kitchen kaufmann 2

Elegant and pure, this movable kitchen countertop is whimsically called the BUTLER Kitchen Trolley. The name chose is maybe because its cute wheels are reminiscent of a serves cart.

butler kitchen trolley 1

This solution is a practical, mobile workstation in a timeless design offering many functions. The kitchen cart – consisting of a stainless steel frame and teak modules – provides worktops for food preparation, plenty of storage for kitchen utensils, a beverage cooler, and many other useful accessories. BUTLER is the ideal companion for barbecues and garden parties. More stationary variation, which still has the light serenity and elegance of wood and steel framed modern beauty – a kitchen island and a bar in one.

butler kitchen trolley 2

butler kitchen trolley 3

Stone Outdoor Kitchen

We continue the organic strike of trendy materials for outdoor kitchen design with one of the most functional and beautiful there is – the stone. Perfect for outdoor use because of its durability and weather resistance, but also excellent selection because of its timeless charm and the fascination of many trendy designers with it. Cooking outside is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, and the stone texture and solid tactile presence will only add to that rich experience. Natural stone blocks with their wild, natural structures, and soft, handmade surfaces create exciting, visible, and noticeable ambiance and are perfect for the ones that search individuality and unusual character.

hauser naturstein mka01 3

hauser naturstein mka01 2

hauser naturstein mka01 4

The other good news (apart of its extreme functionality, durability, and amazing aesthetic experience) is that stone combines wonderfully with other materials. Stainless steel frames and wooden insertions, ceramic additions, and other metal touches go perfectly with the raw aesthetic of the stone constructs. Let’s take a look at different stylish design solutions for outdoor kitchens made from this exciting material – the stone.

stone outdoor kitchen design 2

The kitchen series from a Hauser Naturstein offers the high quality of modern kitchens in combination with the unique aesthetics of approx. 140 million years old base material that can be skillfully crafted into various outdoor kitchen elements from grills to sinks, herb bowls and ice basins, tables and even benches carved out of the stone block. The raw aesthetic of this age-old jewel with ocher – gray tones and unique textural expression are very suitable – if masterfully crafted to combine a contemporary look with timeless functionality. The MKA01 garden kitchen aspires to bring the high quality and aesthetics of the new kitchen culture outside.

stone outdoor kitchen design 3

stone outdoor kitchen design 6

stone outdoor kitchen design mka01

As close to nature as possible, the stone outdoor kitchen designs can offer an amazing aesthetic experience not only in preparing the meal but also while enjoying it in a unique and organic ambiance. This “down to earth” approach does not mean a compromise with modern functionality and technological quality. Modern designers aim to base their functional equipment on professional requirements and combine quality with a passion for outdoor cooking.

stone outdoor kitchen design 5

With the Aster Cucine Outdoor collection we see a magnificent contemporary example of the entwinement of materials, attend of which we spoke earlier. Stone goes beautifully with wooden or metal elements. This elegant modern collection and the elegant lines of the kitchen island are created with materials perfect for the extreme conditions: natural stone, Iroko wood, stainless steel, and porcelain stoneware. The entwinement of warm wooden tonalities and the light stone textures creates a striking combination with sculptural appearance.

stone outdoor kitchen design 4

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

And from stone as a material for your outdoor kitchen composition, the natural transition is to one of our favorite design styles – the rustic. Let’s explore some hot and trendy examples on the words design scene that prove that rustic does not mean shabby – it is a transition into a modern well-being system that appreciates the connection with nature and the organic richness that surround us. Enjoying the preparation of a meal outside in the fresh air, sounded, not only, by friends and family, but by the herbal plants you planted in your garden, for example, is a great way to have an additional inspiration on what to cook.

roshults bbq wood oven

In reality, the inclusion of an outdoor space into your daily life is a huge trend and demand for homeowners around the world. So it is essential that the outdoor kitchens include all the necessities for a “normal” kitchen. The modern rustic outdoor kitchen ideas we selected for you can actually do all the things one do in his home kitchen, plus the added benefit of fresh air and a stylish vintage outlook – giving it a homey touch.

rustic outdoor kitchen augusta homes

Using reclaimed wood for the roof extension that hosts this stylish Rustic Modern assembly of an outdoor kitchen, the  Augusta Homes created a well-balanced entwinement of vintage and functional.

rustic outdoor kitchen gaskil larchitecture

Modern House Portersville by Gaskill Architecture: here, we have an open connection between the cozy lounge and kitchen area- orientated around a fireplace and pizza oven – and the surrounding woods. The combination of the rust colors of the wood, metal, and brick elements and the modern gray tonalities gives a striking contrast with the surrounding greenery.

pool house rustic outdoor kitchen

An elegant construct of a wooden pergola hosts a pool house outdoor kitchen composition with a modern rustic inspiration and wooden deck base. Linear geometry and clean lines give a modern touch to the rustic inspiration.

napa winery rustic outdoor kitchen

This beauty in the Napa Winery Outdoor Kitchen by Outdora Neolith shows a very clever way of integrating the surrounding greenery into your outdoor kitchen experience. Allow the surrounding vines and plants to create a natural shadow and protection for you outside mealtime. Create a construct on which the plans can climb and give you their protection. Here we have a beautiful example of masonry work with the fireplace and strong rustic inspiration (with a mountain chalet hint) in each of the kitchen’s details.

built in outdoor kitchen 4

rustic outdoor kitchen

Built-In Outdoor Kitchen

A well-executed patio or deck can expand a home’s interior while seamlessly connecting our dally life with nature. A natural pull towards sharing a meal with a friend outside, firing a barbecue grill and so on freedom inspired experiences, lead to creative design solutions of including a difference in size and complexity outdoor kitchen additions to modern homes, That’s why a build-in outdoor kitchens are so popular lately. People upgrade their outdoor premises (backyards, terraces, balconies or rooftops – all the same) into integrated outdoor nooks for cooking and meal enjoying time.

built in outdoor kitchen miguel angel aragones

One very modern and minimalist as an expression outdoor patio with a trendy breakfast bar structure. Fallowing the house architectural composition of extreme geometry and unusual shapes this outdoor patio project by Miguel Ángel Aragonés in Mexico City offers the ultimate serenity and simplicity of modern design: monolith shapes, contrast between the crisp white of the color palette and the natural sky-blue and vital green accents. Elegant and luminous build-in outdoor space for meals, coffee, and friends time that offers a relaxing ambiance and modern inspiration.

in form two story residential pavilion 19

preston house sydesign plus lot 1 design 2

Another modern design solution for an adjacent outdoor kitchen sustained in white minimalism. The trendy and artistic design construct of a fireplace with a build-in stack of wood, which becomes a decorative part of the decor composition, is very cleverly used in this project of a loggia adjacent to the pool by InForm interior design. The trendy entwinement of black and white is beautifully complementing the polished concrete floors and clear lines of the architectural shell.

built in outdoor kitchen ian barker gardens 4

In this heritage house in the suburb of Melbourne, a special outdoor space was made for the entertaining-loving owners. Infarct, the team of Ian Barker Gardens created several outdoor premises – entrance garden, side lawn garden, woodland garden, rear garden, pool area, and side courtyard garden and the social zone sustained in modern language – the polished concrete patio hosting outdoor living room that comes complete with an outdoor kitchen and pizza oven.

built in outdoor kitchen ian barker gardens 3

The designers used very modern materials and colors palate: shades of gray are complemented by transparent glass, black metal, and occasional warm touch of wooden insertions. Straight, elegant lines and functionalism prevail. The concrete structures and the metal supporting beams give an industrial hint to the stylish compositions.

built in outdoor kitchen hillside view arrcc

Here we have an intriguing entwinement between modern and vernacular. The specific shape of the oven and the dappled sunlight that passes through the slatted timber roof give a dramatic and artistic nuance to the effortless alfresco living room, kitchen combo. The suspended swing is just calling for chill-out time and some nice book. Think about such an addition to your outside kitchen space.

built in outdoor kitchen p plus 0 arquitectura

In this breathtaking project of the Mexican practice p+0 arquitectura we see a seamless transition between semi-opened kitchen – dining – sitting areas and the infinity water premise that draws the sight towards the beautiful landscape. Visually striking and stylishly executed project that combines the craft-made furniture pieces with an excellent masonry work on the timber ceilings and smooth walls. Panoramic openness of a modern space that is half a terrace, half a water deck, half a living space adjacent to the home.

built in outdoor kitchen perkins will

Going a bit sought to São Paulo – this semi-open patio space that hosts dining, sitting and kitchen areas together with native plants and trees is created by Perkins+Will. The whole project of the home revolves around the gardens, thus providing a strong connection with nature and a very welcoming organic ambiance.

l shaped terrace kitchen

grill kitchen 4

grill kitchen 5

Those sculptural beauties of wooden rectangles represent a modern modular system for an outdoor kitchen. The elegant elements by designer Martine Brisson decorate an L-shaped terrace surrounding a pool area that has a dynamic and flexible composition.

cove house kitchen extension garden 2

A floating roof hosts an extension of a terrace that offers an additional kitchen experience and garden barbeque and fireplace spaces. Decided in a rich and tactile materials and modern shapes the composition the Cove House outdoor project becomes an exploration of thresholds and edges. The kitchen extension into the garden, the monumental architectural constructs, and the robust materials palette (abundant timber, concrete, and stone usage) create a spacious and modern outdoor – indoor combination.

cove house kitchen extension garden 3

As you can see, the increasing need for a close connection with nature in our daily lives offers a great variety of possibilities for your outdoor kitchen project – you can use only partial modular equipment to suit your needs; island, bar, oven or barbeque. Or you can go full-blown kitchen – dining – living room combo or build-in open kitchen – terrace space. The modern designers and manufacturers also offer a great choice in materials (wood, stone, metal, and so on) and stylistics (from vintage and rustic to ultra-modern or classic-elegant) for your outdoor dining experience. The most important is to choose the configuration that will suit your needs and allow you to enjoy the time with your family and friends amongst the precious surrounding of nature.

cove house kitchen extension garden 1