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Apartment in Saint Petersburg by ArtSpaceBuro


This is a collaborative project by Alena Svetlitsa’s ArtSpaceBuro and famous decorator Andrey Dmitriev. ArtSpaceBuro is an interior architecture agency founded by designer Alena Svetlitsa in 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The studio provides a total creative service for spatial interventions for clients that range from the private apartments to different types of public spaces.

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Every project of ArtSpaceBuro is absolutely unique thanks to a rigorous creative process that’s rooted in each location. A lot of attention is given to the inhabitants of the space in determining how their attributes, character and heritage can be translated into a relevant, appealing spatial design and experience.

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Every detail of the project from the main architectural solution and design strategy to each decorative element reflects that concept. This project was created and realized for young bachelor man who asked us about a minimalistic interior focusing on bright and colorful detailes.

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The small apartment is divided into 2 functional areas – private zone and living room. There is a bathroom in the center of the private area which separate sleeping-room from workspace. Decoration of this apartment was realized with the artworks from Le store shop and a lot of pieces of contemporary art. A part of the furniture was made to order.

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Design and architecture: Alena Svetlitsa; Decoration: Andrey Dmitriev; Photo: Ivan Sorokin;

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