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Mutina Reworks the Brick – the New Cladding by Nathalie Du Pasquier


Minimal, economical, modular, rhythmical, adaptable to the widest range of forms. The brick is a symbol of connection and, in its individuality, a perfect work of architecture. That’s idea behind BRAC, the new ceramic coating designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier for Mutina.

mutina reworks brick 4

Conceived as the natural evolution of BRIC, the designer’s large site-specific installation for the exhibition space MUT – Mutina for Art, BRAC explores the brick in its physical and conceptual essence: a fundamental architectural module and an element linked to earth and traditional ceramics.

mutina reworks brick 5

Fascinated by the brick and its possibilities, Nathalie Du Pasquier has elaborated it as a simple and archetypal 3D module to be arranged vertically or horizontally to create all sorts of structures and walls.

mutina reworks brick 3

Interweavings of light, shadows and structural lines are the result of an obsessive and rhythmical poetry exercise paired with a sense of playful spirituality that has always been the artist’s stylistic code.

mutina reworks brick 2

The BRAC collection has a range of 5 colors: clay, with a natural matt surface, white, sage, brown and black with a bright glazed finish.

mutina reworks brick 1