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Bathroom Trends 2021 / 2022 – Designs, Colors and Tile Ideas


One of the most significant trends of late in the interior design for bathrooms is very well expressed by the young designers of MUT Design for their 2020 edition project – A La Fresca! (Step Out into the Fresh Air!). An unstoppable tendency of searching close contact with nature and natural surroundings leads the designers to start blurring or even completely erasing borders – in particular the borders between exterior and interior, and between architecture and nature. The studio wanted to do more than just adapt the interior design for outdoor use or vice versa; they wanted to explore how home life might change if these boundaries were eased or eliminated entirely.

blurring borders between interior exterior bathrooms 1

Image credit: Sivak+Partners Studio

blurring borders between interior exterior bathrooms 3

Image credit: Sivak+Partners Studio

blurring borders between interior exterior bathrooms 2

Image credit: Sivak+Partners Studio

Bathroom: Blurring the Line Between Exterior and Interior

So, that is what’s coming for bathrooms on the world’s design scene: the bathroom is no longer a secluded, intimate space, hidden in the back of the home, it has a fluid connection with either bedroom or other home premise, or the hottest approach – an area on the border between garden and waterfall. This search of natural elements not only as materials but as experience (of open sky and sun, weather conditions and living plants introduced into the home’s design) is visible on the word’s design scene form a few years now, and we have explored the designers’ and homeowners search of a connection with nature, as early as in our annual trend research.

bathrooms search boundary between indoors outdoors 13

Image credit: BETTE

blurring borders between interior exterior bathrooms 26

Image credit: RTA Studio

Home searches that led to the development of few intriguing trends like; modern day nomads Escape Campervans and trendy style Van Life were popular then and continue their hot streak even now. But what happens if you have only an apartment (or if lucky – house). How do you straighten your connection with nature and reaffirm a sense of freedom in those predetermined conditions? Well, let’s explore some of the hottest design suggestions of late for creating an open connection between the bathroom and surrounding nature and using an abundance of natural elements in creating this everyday space.

experiment outdoor bathrooms 40

Image credit: Esrawe Studio

It starts, of course, with the usage of natural materials: stone, clay, concrete – all organic and trendy textures that give the sense of naturally formed water-premise indoors. Then for good measure – vast windows or completely open transitions between interior and exterior, oblong organic shapes, and even some skylight openings in the shower stall  can create a sense of freedom and unobstructed connection with the natural state of things.

experiment outdoor bathrooms 4

Image credit: Edition Office

blurring borders bathrooms 1

Image credit: Phoenix Tapware

Sustainability is a Hot Trend in Bathroom Design for 2021 / 2022

But the search for natural and organic in our homes must be intertwined with another essential aspect of modern homes – the sustainability! ‘Sustainability’ turns out has different interpretations of its meaning for various designers and manufactures, and all strive to achieve it in their project. Great variety sometimes can be beneficial, stimulates creativity! But none the less let’s try to define some of its properties here. А well balanced and harmonious relation between surrounding nature and home, not over-exploitation of resources as a start.

sustainable bathroom caroma design 3

Image credit: Caroma

А search for organic cooperation with the environmental conditions and giving’s surrounding the home, instead of fighting them, and the creation of homes that aim for future growth without extra consummation of resources are also an integral characteristics for sustainability. We certainly have the technologies to apply the principals of sustainability in each aspect of our lives. Including bathroom design – a premise that deals with the most sensible of resources and the planet’s biggest blessing – the water.

sustainable bathroom caroma design 1

Image credit: Caroma

Unfortunately, we live in a time where we have reached catastrophic environmental lows, and our consummative style of life is damaging the other living beings our planet, irreversibly So “doing less” is not enough anymore, we must “do more” through, reshaping, restoring and rebuilding the environment that we’ve lost.

sustainable bathroom caroma design 2

Image credit: Caroma

This means that the demand for sustainable structures, ethical practices, waste-eliminating products, and sustainable consumerism is urgent in order to reduce our carbon emissions, inspire our lifestyle, and define our direction forward. A few brands around the world follow those guidelines in contemporary design and specifically in bathroom design, and one of them is the Caroma dedicated to looking for sustainability within the bathroom space. Honoring the simplicity of beautiful and ethical design, using locally soused materials, and paying attention to bout stylistic and functionalism, minimizing waste. The modem bathroom design inspired by sustainability can have some very attractive and memorable features with classic vintage touches.

sustainable bathroom design 3

Image credit: Ira Lysiuk Architects

stylish examples natural materials bathroom 8

Attention towards the smallest details of the bathroom composition from tapware; to hardware – hydrant, stopcock, tap are essential for creating sustainable stylistics that, together with the materials selection, color, and textural composition, will create a personalized sanctuary with a natural embrace and conscious approach towards resources. There are brands and designers around the ward that keep a firm eye on those aspects of trendy and stylish modern design. Check them out.

Here we have some very stylish examples of how natural shapes, materials, and textures with their irregular, rough shapes and surfaces that can bring comfort and pleasurable aesthetic to any bathroom premise. The play with textures – especially when the materials are natural and old fashioned: stone, brick, concrete, clay – can be an absolute delight for the senses and the artistic outcome of your design project.

stylish examples natural materials bathroom 1

As bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms, they are the perfect place to try something bold and express yourself. Bathroom wallpapers are mostly pretty floras or refreshing gradient . Let you have a more comfortable and cozy environment when you want to relax . Forget about all the tiredness and just want to enjoy the moment.

tropical leaf bathroom wallpaper

Bedroom and Bathroom All in One

And speaking of blurring borders – the ones between gardens and bathrooms are not the only ones disappearing. If you follow the tendencies and the hottest trends in the word’s design scene, you may have noticed that the combo bedroom – bathroom is a very popular choice for luxury projects in the last years. It’s true; it is a bit of controversial choice – you hate it or love it – but here we will try to present to you some beautiful examples of such a compositions and bold design ideas.

bedroom bathroom all in one 5

bedroom bathroom all in one 2

jaffa penthouse pitsou kedem baranowitz goldberg 18 1

The renowned Israeli architectural firms Pitsou Kedem Architects and Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects had created this penthouse bedroom design sustained in a sandy palette and sculptural details that capture the essay, pure and windy vibe of the desert. The connection between the bathroom and bedroom is completely open in the spacious flow of the premises. Only a raised platform and intriguing contemporary shapes with sculptural value define the wet corner. Locally soused materials like limestone and wood are used prominently, alongside pale fabrics and light walls, creating luminous and sophisticated ambiance very characteristic for the design stylistic of its creators.

bedroom bathroom all in one 4

bedroom bathroom all in one 11

bedroom bathroom all in one 44

Another attractive solution for a flexible connection between bedroom and bathroom is this spectacular latticework wood panel cube inserted in the bedroom area. The project by Nildo José is an intriguing and artistic expression of the modern trend of creating unusual spatial solutions for modern housing. And the Deca’s white bathroom faucets and fixtures, made especially for space, accentuate this unique bathroom solution beautifully with its custom-made mini-architectural cube space.

bedroom bathroom all in one 7

raerae house austin maynard architects 23

bedroom bathroom all in one 6

Another design approach for limited spaces – a bathtub at the foot of the bed: stylish, romantic, and very bohemian. Like the whole project of RaeRae House: by Maynard Architects, this bedroom – bathroom combo had used local trades, materials, and fittings to create a welcoming and stylish space. As you can see, many different spatial arrangements and artistic solutions are possible for this hot trend – the combo between bedroom and bathroom premises and for the merger between different zones of the home and the bathroom. No matter what stylistic, color or spatial configuration one chooses, blurring borders is one practical, stylish, and surprisingly elegant design choice for modern homes.

blurring borders between interior exterior bathrooms 22

Image credit: estudi{H}ac

Bathroom Stone Age Aesthetic

You may think that is a bit whimsical for a title statement but is actually firmly based in reality. One of the tendencies acutely observed on the words design scene, and in bathroom decor compositions is the search for rough textures and focal points with organic presence. Pieces that celebrate the crude essence of rocks and stones and materials that bring organic and balanced touch into our over-dynamic, high-tech lives and organic caress to our over-stimulated senses are quite hot and trendy when it comes to bathroom design. And like Dana Tomic Hughes says (the author who first pointed out this search for objects with supreme tactility), this is a movement that has the “design version of the age of the Flintstones – a romanticized Stone Age aesthetic”. So, the pieces of raw and unfinished stone, marble or wooden details become an integral part, and often powerful focal point for contemporary bathroom design and garden landscape. Here are some intriguing examples of this tendency.

contemporary bathroom cave like interiors 15

Crema Violet Onyx is a rare masterpiece. Designed by Decus Interiors, this chic, pink bathroom features Crema Violet Onyx. Explicitly sourced for this project, the natural beauty of the stone creates an endless contrast and striking depth with the white elements and the trendy rose-gold metal tapware of the decor composition. With its cloudy waves of pink, violet, and white, this Onyx is a picturesque testament to the trend of raw aesthetic.

contemporary bathroom cave like interiors 14

Another artistic example which combines contemporary design creativity with organic emanation is the washbasin by Antonio Lupi Design. A unique piece with oblong corners, smooth texture, and elegant personality (a bit reminiscent of the pin-striped suits), the basin combines modern technology with the classic beauty of natural marble. Combining  Carrara marble sheets glued together by colored resin stripes, this piece of modern bathroom decor exudes a dynamic contrast between the natural material and the glue with fabulous final optical effect and stylish charm.

bathroom stone age aesthetic washbasin antonio lupi design

bathroom stone age aesthetic washbasin enzo berti 2

Another oblong shape for a basin with a strong sculptural character is Kreoo ‘Nami’ bathroom washbasin by Enzo Berti. Paying homage to its Italian descenders and world-famous artists, that were able to bring marble to life through sculpting, this impressive art piece is carved from a block of solid marble and given the flowing and breeze expression of Renessa’s drapery instead of a solid bathroom fixture.

bathroom stone age aesthetic washbasin enzo berti

And speaking of what one can achieve with a piece of marble or stone, here is one amazing example of delicate beauty and smooth magic. A water lilies bloom in the bathroom – that is the sensation given by the Bowl No.‎ 1 washbasin from the Nabhi collection by Kreoo.

bathroom stone age aesthetic washbasin kreoo

This stylish and creative bathroom project of CAON Studio and Akin Atelier decorates unusual location; the First Class Lounge at Singapore’s Changi airport. Trendy brass fixtures, irregular stone patterns instead of tiles and very thoughtful illumination project (including a skylight opening) help the passengers acclimatize after the transition through multiple time zones. The luminosity, smoothens, and natural materials and light combine in one functional, yet utterly sophisticated ambiance composed of clear lines and modern shapes. So, as we saw the “Stone Age aesthetics” trend for bathrooms can be quite elegant, stylish, and at times even delicate.

caon studio bathroom stone age aesthetic

And here we have the opposite- rough, primal nature of stone cave into our homes. This dynamic beauty of the modern design is created by studio Otto Felix. The unusual project of combining the bedroom, bathroom, and garden premises features the wave-like sequence of partial separation walls made by rough and fragmented stone and organic textures. An amazingly creative and artistic project with intriguing juxtapositions – round mirror and rectangular stripe becomes a backdrop for organic shapes with irregular structure.

bathroom stone age aesthetic

Less Products More Lifestyle

From the tendencies and innovations so far, one can clearly see that the bathroom industry is changing. The pure utilitarian vibe and functionality of the bathroom space now demand more self-care and lifestyle orientated approach towards the design configuration of the bathroom space. So, close connection with nature or natural materials, personality orientated comfort, beauty, and relaxing colors now become a norm in modern bathroom design. After all, the bathroom is an intimate space, and it should be more lifestyle and need-oriented zone.

livingtec console sink with mirror arco

The bust provided by the modern minimalism trends in contemporary decor give an inspiration to the bathroom manufacturers to minimalize detail and develop functions – towel hangers now provide heat, mirrors with incorporated lighting scheme illuminate the space, and many more stylish inventions pave the way for less products but more personal comfort in the bathroom premise.

round livingtec bathtub nouveau bathtub 2

Vintage inspirations are always coming back in style and offer unexplored well to tap in for artistic and creative compositions. This project of Ex.t, for example, introduces a new bathtub and shower system with Art Deco inspiration for their Nouveau collection. The pure geometric lines and delicate pastel colors compose a stylish bathtub and washbasin that have both artistic and stylish modern emanation.

round livingtec bathtub nouveau bathtub

Another beauty of pure lines, warm colors, and a stylish combination between modern and vintage. In the Reflex project by AL Studio, we observe a minimalist inspiration that archives harmony and coziness in modern language and innovative insertions. The unique transparent bathtub is made of Cristalmood, a new material patented by Antonio Lupi Design. The entwinement of pastel peach and warm brown gives the composition a very cozy emanation balanced by the elegant modern silhouettes.

antoniolupi bathtub reflex project

Another project with a subtle vintage hint – a collaboration between Antonio Lupi Design and Mario Ferrarini gave birth to the new, sleek bathtub called Mastello.‎ Modern art piece for the bathroom made of fluid lines, soft shapes, and candid surfaces that develops without interruptions.‎ The ergonomics shape of the bathtub has another plus – its small and compact size, very suitable for modern urban housing – where space can be an issue. A micro oasis of relaxation for everyone with a sense of style and adventurous, modern spirit.

antoniolupi bathtub mastello 3

This classic beauty of solid marble is the result of Elisa Ossino‘s very personal interpretation of Carrara’s white marble. The unique sculptural quality of this beautiful natural stone inspires an esthetically coherent design echoing classical shapes and proportions. And as we have mentioned before – marble will always be classy and elegant choice, especially when given elegant and unique sculptural form.

solid marble bathtub elisa ossino

So, as you have observed so far – the tendencies in bathtub design for this season show that small, intimate, and compact bathtubs are the new trend for creators and brand designers to focus on. The materials, on the other hand, are bold, innovative, or represent a creative interpretation of classic (like the massive marble bathtub sculptural elements energetically introduced into the bathroom’s design). The brands seem to prefer to develop the classic guidelines in the sphere instead of inventing new shapes and furniture details for the bathtub design.

antoniolupi bathtub

And if in bathtubs and washbasins the trend is a search of pure, elegant, and even classic lines, the designers let their imagination fly when it comes to the tile composition. Bespoke and art-inspired patterns, handmade finishes, exotic colors, and shapes – come in power on the word’s design scene of late. The unexpected color combinations and mismatched tile patterns, contrasting fugues, and unexpected forms, seem to be the hit of this creative season. Your inner – bohemian must be celebrating. Let’s explore in detail.

hottest bohemian style tiles 1

Image credit: Manuel Aires Mateus

Bohemian Style Tiles

The rough surface of the tiles may be a bit challenging for wet-zone floors, but the handmade glazed zellige tiles from Morocco that are charmingly imperfect are such a beautiful addition to a bathroom space that are hard to resist. Vibrant looking hand-crafted tiles form rich textural surfaces a perfect bohemian addition with an artistic spin for your bathroom project.

hottest bohemian style tiles 3

Image credit: Harmony

And as you know, a claw – foot freestanding bathtub is almost “a must” when we think of a Bohemian inspired bathroom composition, so your rough surfaces and hand-glazed tile selection should have matching decor companions, just saying. Some brass accents and towels with knotted fringing are a welcome addition to your boho stylistic bathroom and tile design.

hottest bohemian style tiles 2

Image credit: Sartoria

On the other hand, tiles with a matt finish offer excellent grip and slip resistance, making them perfect for wet-room floors. Here are some more tips of when choosing and applying your tile selection; If your search for the artistic and colorful presence of Mosaic tiles, you can use the ones that are affixed to sheets. They are quicker to install than individual mosaics and quite beautiful as well. Handmade tiles can be tricky to lay because of their irregularities, but they surely will bring that unique artisan touch to your bathroom composition.

hottest bohemian style tiles 4

Image credit: Harmony

Subway Tiles

The never-dying classic of the ubiquitous white subway tiles can always be applied stiffly, no matter the rest of the decor composition. Modern designers and manufacturers decided to have some fun with the classic white 75 x 150mm tile and offered some intriguing new looks for it. Combined with contrasting fugues, it becomes a trendy and artistic bathroom experience.

hottest trends subway tile 3

Image credit: Mandarin Stone

Bohemian richness in color and materials – emerald green with a shining glaze is perfectly matched by brass fixtures and decor elements. The subway tile rectangular shape is perfect for small bathrooms – it will make them appear roomier. The great color and textural variations of that trend on the modern design scene will help you choose the most suitable for your style. And you can jazz it up, there is no need to follow the boring old pattern of arranging rectangular tiles, give them some dynamic some new play.

hottest trends subway tile 2

Image credit: Mandarin Stone

hottest trends subway tile 1

Image credit: Tiles Direct

Sculptural Tiles

Experimental colors, textures, or shapes are not all that the tile design world has to offer, no, now the artistic shape develops in three dimensions. Yes, tiles are raising their profile and adding extra dimensions to our wet rooms. The new hot trend offers sculptural tiles in ceramic and porcelain that will add a layer of interesting texture to your bathrooms. What an exciting time for a design we live in.

tile trends 2020 sculptural tiles 1

Image credit: Newquay Beach Hotel

When applying sculptural tiles, your best bet probably is to use a neutral color palette to keep the sophisticated vibe going and not to overwhelm the senses with 3D richens and color explosions. But you can take the trendy sculptural tiles all the way up to the ceiling and make a dramatic statement that way. But, don’t worry, there are no color restrictions when it comes to the ordinary tile compositions, here the play is in shapes, patterns, and colors – so, enjoy it fully.

tile trends 2020 sculptural tiles 8

Image credit: Harmony

tile trends 2020 sculptural tiles 7

tile trends 2020 sculptural tiles 6

Image credit: Peronda

After this brief introduction in the bathroom’s word and design trends for the new secession 2021-2022, we can summon up that the overall tendency (and to tell you a secret – is not only in bathrooms, is all over the home design) is the search for a close contact with nature, with organic and sustainable lifestyle and innovative: nature-orientated-design. Finally, when composing your design project, the care for your health and the health of the planet becomes a primary factor in style and art design solutions. New technologies and innovative approaches help in that regard. And it is about time for us as species to become more responsible in our consummation, but luckily there is always a way to do it in style.

tile trends 2020 sculptural tiles 9

Image credit: Segments by Decoratori Bassanesi

tile trends 2020 sculptural tiles 4