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HDsurface Coatings for the New Multifunctional Concept Shop in Milan


A point of reference on the market for the production of continuous surfaces for interiors and exteriors, HDsurface has been able to offer, over the years, a unique range of products, in terms of performance and aesthetics, designed to respond to the most different need.

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Water-based surfaces, in cement paste, resin, metal powder or lava stones, which define each environment through the expressive force and emotion of the material, in a pure and environmentally friendly recipe. Thanks to unrivaled performance such as durability, elasticity, ease of cleaning, resistance to wear and scratches, HDsurface surfaces are ideal for use in both residential and public areas.

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Among the most recent HDsurface projects, the new multifunctional concept Canapè Shop | Kitchen | Spirits, designed by MargStudio, of which the company has realized the flooring and display furniture. Inaugurated last October in the Moscova area in Milan, Canapè consists of three spaces, bistrot, cocktail bar and a small boutique in constant dialogue with each other through a common denominator: celebrating hemp in its various forms.

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Unique space of its kind, Canapè offers a refined atmosphere with an elegant design. In line with the interior concept that favors natural materials such as fiberglass, wood and stones, the bistro and cocktail bar floors are covered with the Alchimie – Metals collection in the Bronze finish, a surface made from metals in micronized powder form.

HDsurface canape shop milan 4

With the aid of a specific gel binder, the powdered metal is brought back to a semi-solid state and then spread to any support, faithfully reproducing the effect sheet metals. A coating with bright and surprising textures that characterize the environment through the three-dimensionality of the material.

HDsurface canape shop milan 5

The CementoWabi collection was chosen as the covering for the counter-showcase of the Canapè shop area, in the basement. Consisting of cement, white Carrara marble and water, this coating with a trowelled effect emphasizes the beauty of imperfection. Its characteristics are those of any natural element: flaws, irregularities, changes and evolutions over time give Cemento Wabi a life of its own, enabling it to dialogue with people and space.

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A new project that reconfirms the versatility of the HDsurface collections capable of offering a wide spectrum of aesthetic possibilities, designed to satisfy all tastes and styles, and excellent performance guaranteeing unparalleled solutions.

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