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Guesthouse for Visitors of a Winery in the Catalonia by Raul Sanchez Architects


The exquisite stylistic and modern artistry, characteristic for the Raul Sanchez Architects projects, can be found in this magnificent project of renovating an old house for Mas Blanch i Jové winery in the province of Catalonia, Spain.

gallery house spain 1

Fresh aesthetic, contemporary simplicity, and unusual solutions intertwine with the exquisite materials palette (abundant cladding with wood, aged copper and corten steel, terrazzo, and fashionable terracotta) and the pastel luminosity of the color compositions. The Gallery House project is an extension to the winery that can hosts the family of the owners as well as guests.

gallery house spain 2

gallery house spain 3

The conceptual idea of the project is a combination of a guest house, home, and a gallery zone. The last has a dynamic contribution though the design project – Raul Sanchez Architects proposed to relate the house to the artistic experience of the winery itself, represented by the sculpture garden: every year, a renowned artist-sculptor is invited to build a sculpture in the vineyards, from now on in the Gallery house as well.

gallery house spain 5

gallery house spain 4

The orientation of the premises, the light penetration, and materials selection reflect the spatial arraignment of the zones. The four huge windows on each of the facades of the house put the artistic interiors it in close contact with the picturesque landscape of the surrounding. The warm materials – like wood and trendy textural furniture pieces ( we love the comfy-looking, red pillow sofas in the living room what a vital focal accent) compose the living quarters and privet bedrooms.

gallery house spain 6

gallery house spain 13

Classy and trendy tile selections ( with contracting fugues a hit combination in modern design) together with cheerful pastels give the clean and pure ambiance to bathrooms (and kitchen area). The color selection of the pastel combinations divides the bedroom- bathroom combos into two main style lines – soft baby pink and fresh mint green. The artistic and unusual cor-ten steel cladding of double-height passages, corridors, stairs, and communal zones represents the exhibition spaces, with its characteristic but cold and not domestic presence.

gallery house spain 12

gallery house spain 11

The impeccable stylistic chosen by the designers in combination with clever light distribution, simple straight lines, and trendy materials and color selections, compose a stylish modern home with a room to grow and develop into unique Gallery home.

gallery house spain 7

gallery house spain 8

gallery house spain 9

gallery house spain 14

gallery house spain 20

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gallery house spain 19

gallery house spain 16

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