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A Table Light with an Articulating Shade


The Pivot table lamp by Lukas Peet for ANDlight puts the ability to cast light into your own hands. It has a round cap-like shade balancing on a pearly opalescent globe with a large spherical dimming knob for a scale of brightness options, meaning you can finally shape the light you want.

pivot table lamp 1

No more “this one is too glaring” or “this one is too dim” – make it both a study light and an intimate movie light, a nook light and one for dinner tables. With Pivot, you’ll always be able to balance the amount of directional downlight and constant uplight as you wish.

pivot table lamp 5

“The starting point for the Pivot was exploring an alternative to the pivoting mechanism of a lamp shade. With the articulating shade allowing directional down light and constant uplight, the shade ‘pivots’ on the glass light source, reducing the number of components within the fixture. The large spherical dimming knob mirrors the glass globe while also being a point of contact and adjustability.” Lukas Peet, Designer;

pivot table lamp 2

pivot table lamp 4