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House of Arches by Léo Shehtman Arquitetura e Design


With a bold dash, typical for the designer artist Léo Shehtman, the House of the Arches project combines the fragrance of the orient and the exotic heritage of Brazil’s modern classic (visible not only in the multiple arches defining the places but also by the clever shading lattice system surrounding the terraces, and in the ceramic ornaments) intertwined with the modernistic stylistic of the last century.

house of arches leo shehtman 1

house of arches leo shehtman 3

house of arches leo shehtman 6

Modern classic inspirations combined with post-modernist references used, such as Le Corbusier color palette base, which includes: colors such as deep green, analog blue, peach pink, sunny orange form the bulk of the designer’s project. Apart from the bold colors, the custom design furniture elements, (a project of the designer and executed by “Dunelli”), and the intriguing design choices that expect the inhabitants in each turn, persuasive artistry characterizes the sophisticated and welcoming ambiance of this modern home.

house of arches leo shehtman 7

Dynamic spatial configurations- not only arches and mesh-lattices but half walls, unexpected corners, and untypical space divisions compose the 150m² home. That, together with earthly tonalities and textural variety, gives the snugly base of the design configuration. From there; bold colors, disco – age elements, signature furniture pieces (some of them replicating the shape of the arches), and impressive lamps, develop further the artistic and unique design idea.

house of arches leo shehtman 8

The living room premises has not only the stripes and the black and white alternation that give it a disco dynamic feel, but also the unexpected and flexible connections and passageways with the rest of the premises. Arch-door pathways lead to the ceramic clad – lattice-enveloped terrace space, moving screens with artistic design patterns, separate the master bedroom, and a half-wall partition leads to the cute kitchen decided in warm earthly tonalities. Even the green mint freshness of the bathroom is concealed by specially designed cube box located in the center of the spatial configuration.

house of arches leo shehtman 15

house of arches leo shehtman 4

house of arches leo shehtman 5

house of arches leo shehtman 2

house of arches leo shehtman 9

house of arches leo shehtman 14

house of arches leo shehtman 12

house of arches leo shehtman 11