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Different Ways of Living in the Open Air with Potocco


The Potocco outdoor catalogue expands by telling different ways of living in the open air: gardens, terraces, swimming pools become the natural extension of the house. Combinations of different materials and processes such as wood, metal, nautical cords and ceramics also bring to the outdoor spaces the same idea of ​​comfort, conviviality, refinement and attention to detail distinctive of the domestic interiors.

Potocco 1

BUTLER design Bernhardt&Vella

BUTLER is an outdoor trolley that combines an essential design with functionality. The trolley is a fundamental complement to the dining and living areas to organize, transport and contain drinks, food and dishes or other objects.
The upper top in Iroko wood, the lower one and the bottle holder container, removable according to need, create a play of volumes and lines with the structure. A new type of furniture for the company that increasingly completes the catalogue offering new outdoor products to enjoy outdoor moments.

Potocco 2

DOCK design David Lopez Quincoces

A magnetic character for the DOCK table by David Lopez Quincoces, which declares its rigorous and sophisticated trait with a minimal and contemporary taste.

Potocco DOCK table 3

An allure of lightness accompanies the entire project: structure and top are elegantly dry, reduced to the minimum thickness for a timeless furnishing able to fit into any context. Potocco’s mastery in woodworking is once again the protagonist: the slats arranged next to each other, to compose a harmonious and orderly sequence, are in Iroko wood, making the Dock ideal for an outdoor use.
A proposal that evokes summer and marine atmospheres. On both sides, the section of the table tapers slightly at the edges, giving it an almost airy appearance. The Dock table is available in a fixed version of 200 cm and in the variant with extensible top in 255cm.

Potocco DOCK table 4

HISHI design Chiara Andreatti

Like small contemporary totems, the HISHI tables by Chiara Andreatti seal, through the choice of materials, the combination of indoor and outdoor, revealing the designer’s passion for materials and experimentation with new aesthetic possibilities.

Potocco HISHI coffee tables 6

The base in ceramic, in the colors gray sand and peach, is characterized by a hand crafted bas-relief decoration in geometric mesh, which creates refined effects through the deposit of the crystalline. A design that seems to imprint the graphic pattern of the weaves, a stylistic sign of the outdoor according to Potocco’s view.
Available in two heights, 47 and 55 cm, the HISHI coffee tables are also available with round or square top in bronzed glass for the outdoor version and in Caneletto walnut for the indoor version, to dare different combinations of shapes and colors.

Potocco HISHI coffee tables 7

JUNE design Bernhardt&Vella

Timeless charm for JUNE, the new lounge armchair by designers Bernhardt & Vella. Versatile and transversal JUNE lends to furnish outdoor environments thanks to the proposed finishes. The structure is entirely in painted tubular and, all around the armrests, the armchair is hand weaved in nautical rope or “Gassa” rope, which draw the line of it becoming an aesthetic and functional element.

Potocco JUNE lounge 9

The independence between the structure and the important seat and back cushions, placed on it, expresses the logic of rationalism, to which the entire project is inspired. Once again, the protagonist is Potocco’s corporate know-how, able to offer a type of flexible furnishing according to multiple solutions that satisfies the most diverse needs.

Potocco JUNE lounge 11

KEEL design Mario Ferrarini + Victor Vasilev

Essential in the lines, the design of the new KEEL chair and armchair by M + V rises from a careful research on the relationship between geometric rigor and organic sinuosity.

Potocco KEEL chair 12

This seat represents in fact the attempt to find the best balance between a linear metal structure and wooden support elements with soft and sinuous shapes that present a very particular and careful processing also for a furniture designed for the outdoors. It is no coincidence that the name Keel is a reference to the nautical world, in particular the balancing function performed by the keel in boats.
Perfect for an outdoor use, KEEL is a conversation chair or a reading chair, light but solid, suitable for every occasion and need.

Potocco OLA chair 14

OLA design Radice Orlandini

The concept of OLA, designed by Radice & Orlandini, is linked to the image of the wave, an organic and sinuous shape that has always fascinated men. Its fluid and creates lights and shadows. An image that is both elegant and disruptive.
In the same way, the enveloping backrest of the Ola chair and armchair, hand-woven in “Fly” rope, folds in three dimensions to accommodate the human body, guaranteeing a perfect comfort. This also thanks to the designers’ choice to introduce a change of inclination in the supporting structure: the shapes acquire in this way a greater plasticity while maintaining an extreme linearity in the plot of the weaving.
Available in the chair or armchair version, OLA has a structure in painted metal rod combined with a soft upholstered seat cushion.

Potocco OLA chair 13

OTX design Gabriele e Oscar Buratti

The new Ø128cm and Ø158cm OTX dining table extends the homonymous collection designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti.

Potocco OTX table 16

This table is extremely versatile thanks to its double declination, for both indoor and outdoor environments. Available with top in Ash or nano-tech resin for interiors and in HPL for outdoors, the OTX dining table is characterized by minimal aesthetics and a geometric design which make it ideal for refined indoor and outdoor rooms, declined for company, home and contract spaces.
Perfect synthesis between practicality, lightness and essential design, OTX is an example of the excellence of Potocco in creating functional and elegant objects that adapt naturally to any space.

Potocco OTX table 15

SUNO design Johan Lindstèn

In the first collaboration with Potocco, Johan Lindstèn reinterprets the universal shape of the sunbed. The young Swedish designer, known for creating objects characterized by a narrative trait and unexpected details, emphasizes one of the main elements of this furniture, giving life to the new SUNO sunbed, that stands out for its large wheels with diam. of 57 cm.

Potocco SUNO sunbed height 17

A formal hyperbole that makes of a functional element the aesthetic trait that characterizes the entire project by re-reading it with a playful approach and giving it great elegance.
With a structure made of Iroko wood slats, fitted with a padded mattress, SUNO has a backrest that can be adjusted to different inclinations to enjoy outdoor relaxation with maximum comfort, as suggested by the evocative name, which means sun in the Esperanto universal language.

Potocco VELIS Hand weaved chair 18

VELIS OUTDOOR design Mario Ferrarini Studio

Mario Ferrarini continues his work in the world of seating, Potocco’s strong point, applying his research also to the outdoor environment. This year the VELIS tub chair by Mario Ferrarini studio, part of the company’s flagship collection, is realized in an outdoor version, demonstrating, once again, the versatility that distinguishes the company, who responds to every need. The experience gained by Potocco in the use of weaving gives rise to the new variant with back and armrests woven in “Gassa” rope, combined with an Iroko wooden base.

Potocco VELIS Hand weaved chair 19