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Modern Luxury House Design for Casacor Exhibition


Léo Shehtman Arquitetura e Design had created this fancy, contemporary configuration of modern luxury and iconic trendiness for the 2019 edition of the Casacor exhibition. And although not having the emotional burden of a lived-in home, the decor composition is truly a magnificent example of many of the trends and movements on the world’s design scene for the last years.

fauno house nil casa cor 1

fauno house nil casa cor 2

fauno house nil casa cor 3

It presents us with an inspired contemplation of Brazilian luxury. Combining art, classic beauty, precious materials, and big modern shapes with square lines, the designer created a masterpiece of trends, warm golden tonalities, and expressive features. The abundant use of exotic “Nacarado” marble, the golden sparkle coming from the precious brass additions (a trend that is high in the repertoire of contemporary designers of late) and iconic pieces of furniture are all illuminated by dynamic juxtaposition between shadow and light, thus creating warmer honey-like ambiance.

fauno house nil casa cor 5

fauno house nil casa cor 4

Simple but not simplistic lines and shapes form the spine of the interior – the base of the space – the “Portinari” porcelain floors, the glass separation doors and the alternation of large surfaces of brass, marble, black wood, and veneer create a dynamic modern composition with typical for the Brazilian stylistic monumental expression. Signature for the designer usage of wood and trendy, black veneer furniture pieces (impressive kitchen island and library, which carry the Brazilian designer’s love for large furniture elements) form the kitchen, dining, and partly the living room zones. This pure blackness is another very fashionable approach of modern designers – using the depth and solid presence of the pure black furniture elements to accentuate the design configuration – very moody and trendy design touch.

fauno house nil casa cor 6

fauno house nil casa cor 7
On the backdrop of precious materials and massive ( as we said; typically Brazilian) furniture elements, a selection of artistic details, tribal-inspired rattan furniture pieces, and expressive lighting and lamp installations give an additional dynamic character and artful atmosphere. The bronze statue – a reinterpretation of the original marble piece called “Fauno Barberini,” currently on display at the Glyptoteca in Munich, Germany gives a focal center of the aerie of artistic decor details. And although the selection of the luxurious materials is a piece of art itself, the play of textures and light in combination with the decorative collection creates quite a memorable design project. Several other works of art, pottery and including the “Pormade Décor” wallpaper are strategically placed to capture the attention and bring delight to the observer. The bathroom configuration is dominated by modern simplicity and expressive luxury – a thread that goes throughout the premises of the Léo Shehtman’s exposition project. Photos: Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio;

fauno house nil casa cor 15

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