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MENU presents Light That Always Feels Natural


While the light might not be the first thing we notice when we enter a room, it not only contributes to our experience of a space; it defines it. It not only guides our sight, it creates ambience. MENU presents Reverse Lamp, a new lighting solution that underpins the ever-present beauty of natural materials.

reverse lamp menu 1

In his search for simple and clever solutions in any given space, Danish designer Aleksandar Lazic looked to Italian marble tables from the 1970s when creating the Reverse Lamp. Inspired by the play on structure created by geometric constraints, the conical travertine base and curved, bronzed aluminium shade define the lamp’s perfectly balanced expression.

reverse lamp menu 2

“By refining every aspect of the design – reworking specific elements, eliminating ‘noise’ and focusing on the very essence of its being – the final, physical product becomes a function that you appreciate in your everyday life.” – Aleksandar Lazic.

reverse lamp menu 5

The light diffuses evenly across the unworked stone, left raw to allow the light to highlight its natural imperfections, revealing shadows and an intriguing colour play that seems to stem from the base itself. At precisely the point at which the shade and base meet sits a dimmer switch for adjusting the light intensity.

reverse lamp menu 3

Fitted with a dim-to-warm LED light source, the Reverse Lamp casts warm light on a bedside table or subdued light on a cabinet surface, making it an elegant and characterful solution to a multitude of lighting needs.

reverse lamp menu 4

reverse lamp menu 7

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