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Pizza 4P’s Saigon Pearl by SEMBA


The popularity of Pizza 4P ’s is not limited to Vietnam. Popular factors are the deliciousness of the pizza, the smile of the staff, the pleasantness of the response, and the design of the store. Another factor is the company’s reputation for its concept and ingredients, including its own production of cheese that had not been produced in Vietnam, and the use of fresh vegetables in partnership with domestic organic farmers. Currently, it is attracting a great deal of attention from various countries, including NY TIMES and BBC, as well as being selected as Monocle World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

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SEMBA: The popularity of Pizza 4P ’s is rapidly spreading from Vietnam to the world. The moment I saw the location of the new store Saigon Pearl, I decided on a design concept. Saigon Pearl is a Residence Mansion in Vietnam. The location is right in front of the residence apartment pool. I saw this environment and instantly imagined a private beach restaurant. We said “Mama Mia! “, I wanted to make a restaurant that makes me want to scream. I want to feel energy from nature using only natural materials.

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I also want to feel very elegant resort feeling. That’s why I put together the colors infinitely similar colors. I also want to feel handmade. In other words, create what I imagine.

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Today is the age of manufacturing with machines. But I wanted to tell everyone about human charm. So almost all were built on site with the craftsmen. “Pizza 4P ’s” always uses planting for design.

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This time I used dried flowers. I thought that the flow of “withering = aging” is natural in living things and plants, and it is important to understand the ephemeral nature of life. I believe that the aesthetic of thanking the earth and remembering the importance of life can be linked to the “Pizza 4P’s” brand concept. Ceilings, roofs, and large trees also stand out as objects. I wanted to make it feel playful but not childish.

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