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Northcote Residence Showcases Warm and Inviting Organic Modern Style


When the home carries the warm organic touch of craftsmanship wood, historical origins, and fosters, in its hart, a family of six – an iconic design project is born! This organic beauty created by Melanie Beynon Architectural Studio uses the historic bones of a Northcote Edwardian home to create a luminous extension and renovation for a young family of six.

melanie beynon northcote residence 9

melanie beynon northcote residence 8

Basing its design on the existing skillfully build home – where the owners showed great attention towards the detail and beautiful craftsmanship: the new space design is inspired by that rural hint and uses generous tactile materials to compose the voluminous, warm and ample central living space. The pitched saw tooth roof line gives a fresh spatial composition for the central space, which connects the two sides of the home – the adult and children zones. Entwining exposed Tasmanian oak timber panels (which clad the walls and the characteristic pitched ceiling) with beautiful accents of reclaimed brick walls and handmade Anchor Ceramic tiles the design team composed a welcoming mini-house-like space with warm emanation and craftsmanship inspirations.

melanie beynon northcote residence 4

melanie beynon northcote residence 5

This new house addition has a trendy open floor composition hosting a soft sitting zone – with stylish, iconic furniture pieces- kitchen corner and a dining area and as a bonus offers an open and luminous connection with the surrounding gardens. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors make a connection with the raised wooden deck platform, thus extending the social, daily zone into nature. We love the vibrant, tactile thread that goes all throughout the design of the home- woven rugs, abundant wooden and brick cladding, fashionable and crafty tiles (just check the beauty of the metro tile composition in bathroom and kitchen) and the purity of overall material selection.

melanie beynon northcote residence 3

melanie beynon northcote residence 6

Some beautiful small touches, which show great attention towards the detail, spice up additionally the welcoming décor; Patricia Urquiola door handles and handmade paper pendants reflect the owner’s appreciation for crafted pieces, paintings and art details go hand and hand with green-plant – accents and give an identity and character to the warm organic base. Custom-made storage unites, build-in furniture elements and thoughtful details add to the stylish, comfortable, and functional design – a home well-lived-in with fresh modern stylistics and warm and pure emanation. Photos:Tom Blachford;

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