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Live-Work Studio Apartment in Melbourne


Sometimes in our overly busy, highly consummative life’s the best thing one can do is create a sanctuary, a home where minimalism, functionality, and pure stylistic dominate. The design project we will present to you now is one of those minimalist and pure jewels that have a very intriguing showcase of several modern trades.

minimum dwelling studio apartment 1

First, the studio space is the home of an architect and designer Douglas Wan – and as you know, we love to sneak peek into the homes of trendy modern designers because there is no better way to learn what is hot and fashionable, stylish and functional on that scene than to see what they choose to compose their homes with. In this case, the home design doubles as a working studio as well.

minimum dwelling studio apartment 2

Here the young architect explores the contemporary meaning of minimum dwelling, applying clever design touches to achieve maximum function for small urban residence and stylish, eclectic mixture e of design prototypes. Custom made plywood structures with Asian inspiration and modern flexibility, purity, and trendy expression of sleek Scandinavian decor touches meet the traditional Japanese architecture bones of the space located in a 1950’s building in Fitzroy.

minimum dwelling studio apartment 3

The compact and comfortable studio perfectly answers the search for how to live with minimal footprint but without denying some modern luxuries and comfortable functionalism. Very intriguing project indeed. Playing with contrasts (trendy black surfaces alternate with light wood, shining black tiles with whitewashed brick constructs), the creator of the tiny space used all tools and tendencies of trendy and smart modern design. Tearing down old separation walls and inserting some modern design touches- steel beams for the roof, maximum natural light penetration, floating platforms, and hidden storage unites – the designer created a flexible, pure and very comfortable home, slash, working space.

minimum dwelling studio apartment 4

The main living zone forgoes conventional furniture arrangement and instead opts for Japanese tradition – inspired modern touch: a floating platform that can serve, bout as a bed for two or a seating, tea zone for more. The Japanese tokonoma – an elevated platform used to receive guests and display art – here presents modern functionality touch and a new read on materials. Multiple storage units created by light plywood panels keep the space tidy and neat. The small kitchen corner has direct access to the trendy and shining bathroom premise.

minimum dwelling studio apartment 14

Clad from floor to ceiling with shining black tiles, the space ambiance is given a playful touch by the contrasting fugues filing. Despite its functional purity and modern minimalism of expression, the tiny apartment is dominated by the playful and creative spirit intended by the designer: style and individuality, functionalism, and purity in a nutshell (as space configuration as well). Build by Caple Builders; Photography by Sherman Tan and Anthony Richardson;

minimum dwelling studio apartment 13

minimum dwelling studio apartment 12

minimum dwelling studio apartment 5

minimum dwelling studio apartment 7

minimum dwelling studio apartment 8