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Duo Apartment by Andrey Sokruta Workshop


The customer bought 2 apartments of 50 m2 each and contacted Andrey Sokruta Workshop to competently combine these apartments into one large flat for his family. Also, the head of the family asked the designer to organize the home interior in such a way that each member of the family will find his own personal space!

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 16

Planning, style, materials
The designer Andrey Sokruta proposed a project plan with a clear organization of the spaces: a living room combined with a kitchen where the family usually spend together the dinner time; a bedroom with a working area; separated children rooms for a boy and a girl; a large dressing room and two bathrooms!
Since the interior project was about the family and linked to its life style, the team of Andrey Sokruta Workshop decided to use a minimalist style. In addition, the purity of this aesthetic solution allows to enjoy materials and textures, which, in turn, reflect the quality of work.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 17

Kitchen, hallway and floors in the living room are made of granite, the choice of which is explained by its strength, practicality and environmental friendliness. Stucco from the famous Ukrainian production FACTURA.UA is applied on the walls. For the design of the apartment, the designer Andrey Sokruta used also wood panels, a modern material that invariably gives a special feeling of warmth.
In general, the interior studio chose decoration elements aimed at the unity of the entire apartment. “We took wood-paneled rooms,” Andrey Sokruta says, “giving them volume and stylistic certainty in this way.”

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 15

Tech solutions
The challenge was to find the right location and ergonomic proportions for the dining room and the living room. Since a relatively compact space was foreseen for them, it was decided to combine the kitchen with the living room. Visually, they are separated by the dining table Zeus from Target Point (Italy), surrounded by chairs of the Italian manufacturer Midj, model Sonny PB LG.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 1

Since the kitchen is white, it seems to be a single space with an adjacent living room, the walls of which are also painted in the same colour. With the idea of saving any single square meter of the area, the designer Andrey Sokruta offered an open shelving, a white TV stand and coffee tables from the factory Tomasella (Italy) with bases in the form of lattice. So, “in pursuit of air”, Andrey managed to visually create a fairly spacious living space, without breaking it with partitions, colour or massive furniture. The composition of the living room is completed by a large sofa in a pleasant two-zone colour scheme of gray and yellow, that nicely fits with the two decorative panels from the studio MARSO: “We decided to replace the usual battered images of paintings in the interior” – the designer Andrey Sokruta says.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 2

Another problem arose with a niche in the master bedroom. Due to the fact that the flat consists of two apartments, the room was planned in the ex-kitchen area. The designer Andrey Sokruta decided to use a niche to mount a cabinet on the entire wall, closed by wooden panels and therefore invisible – as if sewn into a wall. This solution not only made possible to find an application for the opening in the wall, but also created an integral space. Wooden flooring, luxurious carpet, curtain lighting and a stylish minimalistic decor complete the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom. There’s also a place for a desk, to which the designer has combined the Italian chair Sonny PX from the factory Midj (Italy).

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 4

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 3

Note the seamless doors between the rooms, which also visually increase the space and make the interior relevant for the next decades. Also, Andrey Sokruta Workshop studio competently selected and distributed a technical and a decorative lighting across the apartment, which not only decorated the interior, but also allowed the use of different lighting power for each zone and corner of the apartment.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 14

In a spacious dressing room (with MDF painting), in addition to clothes, there’s a washing machine, a water purification system and a gun safe. The children rooms are decorated with more playful models of lamps. The colour scheme and funny decor are perfect for children (aged 4 and 8 years old). The walls are intentionally painted in muted colours, from a wear-resistant material, in total harmony with the selected furniture. Nevertheless, the general decor is quite cheerful, creating a positive mood in the rooms.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 13

Another feature of the interior is the completely black and white bathrooms. The shapes and lines conceived by Andrey Sokruta are minimalistic, but their design with monochrome mosaics is more reminiscent of art deco. “The company that sold us this small mosaic tile did not believe that it would turn out something good with such a simple pattern”, the designer Andrey Sokruta recalls. “We were sure of a good result, and it actually looks very nice. It’s really luxurious, because in the general strict design, a fairly saturated pattern looks great. This formula always works!”

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 12

The lighting in the apartment comes from the Spanish factory BPM-Lighting. An unusual story is associated with this item: the designer ordered a white lighting for the project, but he received a black one. There was no longer any time to change or repaint (Andrey Sokruta studio approved with the customer the specific dates of arrival in the apartment), but when the installers applied the first lamp to the ceiling, it turned out to look even more interesting.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 11

All plumbing in the monochrome bathroom comes from the prestigious Italian brand FIMA. Here you can also see the author’s hand: in fact, KAM Stone produced the author’s stone countertop and sink in the bathroom, designed according to Andrey Sokruta’s sketches. All furniture, except the upholstered furniture and those for the dining area, were developed individually for this project. All shelves, racks, wall panels, cabinets and kitchen were individually designed and made to order in Ukraine.

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 9

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 5

andrey sokruta workshop duo apartment 8

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