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When Marble Evokes the Sea – Anemone Tiles by Lithos Design


Nature calls nature, the sea inside the bathroom. The colour choices, the evocative designs, and the compositional freedom of Opus in the Anemone model give life to natural floors and walls with an extraordinary evocative effect.

anemone marble tiles 4

anemone marble tiles 1

An amazing contemporary expression of industrial lithic design applied to the art of inlay, the Opus collection (33 marble types, 6 patterns, 14 colour palettes, material waste close to zero) is a sequence of 60 cm X 60 cm modules that can extend, according to the desires and needs of the designer, into walls and floors. Serial sequences with a strong material imprint where different geometric shapes flourish, made through a production that, although industrial, obeys the ancient techniques of commesso, in the manner of the artist who carved and chose the stones for colour, shades, and veins back in the 16th century. In particular, the Anemone model is available in the muschio palette in the shades of green and in the perla palette in the shades of pink and brown.

anemone marble tiles 3

Lithos Design has been working with the most intimate nature of marble since the very beginning. The knowledge and deep respect for the material, the inexhaustible desire for research, and the always innovative industrial approach, allow the company to bring out the sometimes-hidden peculiarities of marble by offering exclusive, contemporary products of unmistakable charm. An authentic celebration of the material that is also achieved by operating with sustainable production processes and with material waste close to zero. Lithos Design brings its Made in Italy and its culture of marble to the world thanks to collaborations with the most brilliant international architecture and interior design studios and the creation of prestigious projects. Pictures by Lillie Thompson; Design by Raffaello Galiotto;

anemone marble tiles 2