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Holme Showroom by Magla


The showroom is designed to showcase Holme, a condominium to be completed in 2021 in Bangkok. Distancing itself from current Thai trends, Holme aims to promote a different idea of luxury, playing with textures and the natural characteristics of materials.

holme showroom magla 12

holme showroom magla 11

Magla, a multidisciplinary office based in Bangkok, designed both the condominium and its showroom, which reflects Holme’s concept. A simple space welcomes visitors with the same tones and atmosphere of the condominium. The 165sqm showroom includes a 1:1 mock-up of an apartment unit, a consulting area, co-working spaces and a pantry.

holme showroom magla 4

holme showroom magla 3

The full-scale apartment mock-up, placed at the center of the showroom, creates a niche where the architects have designed an exhibition wall. The material samples are prominently displayed and treated as the protagonists of the exhibition.

holme showroom magla 7

Opposite to the material exhibition niche, the South-East wall contains all the basic functions, arranged in a linear layout, leaving a large open area in front of the main entrance. The reception counter is framed by a minimal but representative background, where the logo stands out. The rest of the wall is balanced between open counters, shelves and closed cabinets, which hide the structural columns, electricity box and a small pantry.

holme showroom magla 9

The showroom is characterized by light tones, walnut wood and orange color hints given by Arper furniture, which will furnish the lobby of the condominium. Architects: Magla; Team: Martina Muratori, Parima Imsanguan, Yosita Parapithak; Furniture: Arper, Muuto; Photo: F Section Studio; All Credits: Magla;

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