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New York Style Apartment Designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska


New York has green Central Park, skyscrapers, roof terraces and spectacular views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Chinatown. This is the metropolitan atmosphere investors wanted to create in their 135-meter apartment. The Warsaw apartment was supposed to be unconventional, sublime, unpretentious. In the apartment designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska the modern harmony merges with tradition, whereas art and functionality create an extremely harmonious duo. The architect focused on the light and the phenomenal view outside the window. But the apartment itself is also pretty impressive.

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Behind the scenes
Apartment, which consists of two levels and a terrace, was to be elegant and original, which is why the designer used the theatrical passion of one of the owners. Inspirations from the world of performance appeared in the interior. The architect surprises with innovative solutions and extremely careful selection of a color palette and accessories which together are coherent. Right after crossing the threshold, the stairs will steal your attention. Steps made of bleached ash with a glass balustrade seem to be floating in the air. Their modern form impresses with its lightness and delicate character.

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Glazing, made at our special request, from the highest quality tempered glass, was difficult to make, although it was this material that turned out to be the best choice in here: the glass balustrade does not burden the space, but also does not cover the breathtaking view from the enormous window on the old trees and the lights of the Warsaw city center somewhere in the distance. Natural light through the window phenomenally illuminates the space of the apartment. It is complemented by colorful LED strips in the stair railing as well as crystal lamps hanging on long cables. The white stairs perfectly blends in with the light floor and kitchen furniture.

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In the foreground – a kitchen with an island
The kitchen is elegant and timeless. It is dominated by intense gray, whitened beige and elements of saturated black. The economical form of the furniture can be a background for the main heroine of this space: an elegant kitchen island. Extraordinary drawing of the veining visible on the grigio arabico stone goes from white, through tones of gray, to black. Nature is amazing! The architect managed to achieve the impression of lightness by using a mirror pane in the base and original LED lighting. Silver elegant fittings perfectly complement the entire space. Careful planning made the island a great place to store things – it has roomy, pull-out drawers. The shades of gray which dominate the kitchen harmoniously go into the living room. Molteni chairs in a pigeon shade with a high built-in seat surround a classic Lagerform table in bleached ash. The elegant character is emphasized by the unique lighting – Terzani Mizu lamps. And the entire apartment is complemented by long, six-meter curtains! Curtain down! It’s relax time.

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Intermission – the living room
In the recreation area, Katarzyna Kraszewska has designed a comfortable corner in delicate gray, a modern bar and a coffee table. The stylish Eicholtz console fits perfectly into the New York atmosphere of the room. On the other hand, warm and cozy nature of the interior is ensured by an elegant bio fireplace and golden details on a shelf designed by the architect. Golden sculptures, platters, photo frames attract attention and steal long glances from the guests. Just like works of art: the expressive image of Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut over the fireplace and the “golden plate”, which impresses with the beauty of expression especially against the dark wall.

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It is cozy, intimate and artsy. Just like the bedroom. Its central point is a comfortable bed with a high headboard in delicate gray, a comfortable armchair of the same color, soft carpeting and long curtains. An elegant, large mirror in a steel frame and original night lamps create a luxurious atmosphere of the arrangement, which would also look great in a five-star like hotel. As per wishes of customers, in the bedroom you can feel the glamour and urban chic.

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Gallery – level two
Dreamlike stairs lead us upstairs, and there, in addition to an equally beautiful view, we get surprised by the interior with a perfectly kept balance between classic elegance and practicality. Modern design is complemented by functional solutions. Blue accents appear in the living room. A comfortable plush sofa which can also be used by guests and a picture on the wall are the perfect counterpoint for wooden, light furniture, steel-colored rug and golden details. In this part, the architect separated a small study. A simple wooden desk on steel legs, a bookcase and a comfortable chair with geometric patterns together form a coherent whole – ideal for home office. The designer also transferred New York’s practicality to the bathroom. On the surface of 5 m² it has a bath tub with jacuzzi, toilet, bidet and shower with a built-in steam sauna. The bathroom, inspired by the natural beauty of marble, it is covered in white with delicate gray accents. The snow-white bathroom fittings blend in perfectly with steel elements. A silver artistic sculpture of a horse introduces a bit of artistic avant-garde.

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In the lobby – a terrace
The last level of the Warsaw apartment consists of a phenomenal terrace, which the owners can use all year round. Glass covers, a closed roof and heating mean that even on December mornings, coffee on the terrace will taste amazing. The idyllic atmosphere of this part of the apartment is created by a rustic wooden table, a comfortable sofa with decorative cushions, a steel-colored rug and a Scandinavian floor lamp. Carefully selected accessories in the form of vases, trays and candles add elegance and class to the terrace.

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Passion for beauty
Katarzyna Kraszewska has created an interior which uniquely combines the features of the New York style with classic elegance and Scandinavian functionality. She added a little bit of art and love to the theater. The result captivates with harmony and timeless class. The architect once again proves that passion for beauty creates the most beautiful interiors! Photos by Tom Kurek.

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