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Moulat House


The Moulat House, located in the Amanali Golf Club subdivision represents the use of bare concrete. The project is based on the integration of the construction into the natural landscape and its contrast with the artificial landscape created for the golf course. It is a construction that explores the duality of open space and closed space, of interior and exterior.

moulat house 2

moulat house 6

moulat house 4

The house, of a single level, is based on a carved stone basement, on which an apparent concrete structural basement was built that rises to the main level. The interior spaces are adapted to the topography of the terrain, revealing the foundation with its height-changes in the form of a skirting board.

moulat house 1

moulat house 14

moulat house 5

Two bodies of bare earth-coloured concrete laid on the foundation house the private spaces of the building. Both bodies are connected by means of two gigantic concrete beams that support a large structured wooden roof with large frames. The main space of the house opens completely through huge windows, turning the interior space into a covered terrace. Photographs: LGM Studio – Luis Gallardo;

moulat house 3

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