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Rolf Benz Addit – A New Sofa with Matching Tables and Carpets


To Berlin designers Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger, the living space is a continuously moving collage, so naturally the linchpin of the living room – the sofa – should be modular in design in order to adapt, grow in use, and expand in size when the situation calls for it.

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Working closely together with Rolf Benz, Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger from Studio Aisslinger have developed a modular sofa range that has enduring visual appeal and the aptitude to become an icon.‎ Rolf Benz ADDIT has a graphically linear appearance that gives the impression of floating.‎ With its voluminous cushions it’s also a place where you can completely relax.‎

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“Our aim was to develop an archetypal landscape that looks fresh and playful at the same time,” says Werner Aisslinger.‎ “It should fit in with many environments as a friendly companion for family and friends for years to come.‎ I think we have been successful in doing this, as well as the challenge of promoting the image of a German internationally-coveted brand together with Rolf Benz.‎ ”

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ADDIT can be combined with shelving units, trays, brackets, and coffee tables. The designers know that while their sofa hopes to be one size fits all, their users come in all physiques – so you can choose between two seat heights to complement your perfect resting posture.

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