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Labyrinth of Shapes, Levels and Textures Composes a Small Urban Home in Singapore


Absolute textural delight – whitewashed, exposed brick structures, wood, and polished concrete compose the dynamic and flexible space configuration of this small urban jewel in Singapore. Modern stylistic, dynamic shapes, and clever solutions were applied while reconstructing and redesigning the small, urban home of a young family.

loft box upstairs 2

loft box upstairs 1

The Singaporean design studio Upstairs crated this luminous dwelling by cleverly cheating the space limitations of the 80’s walk-up apartment and removing the false ceiling, thus creating open in height and dynamic in spatial composition, unusual urban home. The layered effect is achieved not only by the alternation of surfaces, materials, and textural variety but also by the dynamic configuration of the living areas. After the opening of the attic section and the insertion of the white cube in the middle of the social zones, the designers’ imagination created a dynamic ambiance with multi-functional usage.

loft box upstairs 5

loft box upstairs 4

The social zones include open kitchen and dining area connection where the white cube, hosting different functions, extends into a simplistic white briefcase bar, which stretches all the way to the beautiful wooden table, thus creating a connection between both areas and giving a modern edge to the vintage presence of the untreated wood of the dining table.

loft box upstairs 3

loft box upstairs 12

loft box upstairs 13

The exposed brick constructs left after the opening of the loft give not only a rich textural backdrop but provide a romantic, historical context. In combination with the industrial hints introduced by the exposed ceiling beams and the polished cement floors, the textural composition has a strong impact on the overall design feel. The trendy insertions – like the terrazzo tiles in the generous master bedroom, or the filtered glass sliding doors separating the bedroom and bathroom premises- further enhance the striking textural impact of this modern decor composition.

loft box upstairs 6

loft box upstairs 7

Solid oak furniture details in the bedrooms, wooden logs as furniture elements, soft textural additions give warm t to the dynamic modern design arrangement. Some happily situated artistic and creative details further straighten the unique character r of this vibrant home. The luminosity of the minimalist color palette – dominated by white with accents in black, natural wood and gray – further stretches the borders of perception and extends the visual impact of the dynamic design composition for the small urban loft.

loft box upstairs 11

loft box upstairs 9

loft box upstairs 8