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Pure Geometric Forms by Porro


Modern is inspired by a pure geometric form: the square. And by a simple idea: its movement in space. A module that repeats itself, developing objects that differ in materials, colours and functional destinations. Objects that differ – containers, tops – but have harmonic proportions and formal coherence. In this way an open, articulated and flexible program is born. It is devised for designing spaces through clear, elegant signs, defined by the rigor of the lines, by the fine finishes, and by design quality. This system provides maximum freedom for creating the ideal combination of elements. A presence that knows how to adapt to all rooms.

Porro Modern Dining 4

A Modern floor-to-ceiling composition for the dining room plays with the emptying of its central part featuring a Paonazzo marble wall cover, that separates the lower area with suspended black-stained hemlock drawers and marble top from the black-stained hemlock hanging units above. 4 glass modules, featuring transparent glass doors, transparent lighted shelves and a marble back panel, create a surprising graphic effect that enhances the light tones of marble and lights in contrast with the black frame.

Porro Modern Dining 3

Porro Modern Dining 2

Porro’s research on materials and its taste in combining them results in the new Modern cupboard raised on Left metallic feet, featuring a Paonazzo marble top, 4 black-stained canneté wooden doors with thick vertical stripes and 3 drawers with horizontal stripes. An industrial product that looks like a unique, hand-crafted piece.

Porro Modern Dining 1

Porro Modern Dining 11

Suspended on a Left foot, the Mondrian twin compositions play with the interchange of full and empty spaces, featuring a series of avorio lacquered containers and metal boxes in iron finish between two rosso antico painted metal tops. A small family of sideboards that are available in 3 different sizes and can be customized in the mix of finishes.

Porro Modern Dining 9

Porro Modern Dining 7

A large fully-glazed window is framed by a double-height Modern + Load-it composition. The Modern board and suspended shelf in eucalyptus are combined with a Load-it bookcase with steel shelves and wall panels, where a Modern element with a rosso cina lacquered drop-leaf door, and 4 glass elements with transparent bright shelves and rosso cina inside, are freely fitted in. A harmonious combination where furniture and architecture blend to design and fill in the space.

Porro Modern Dining 8

On the right, the Modern + Load-it desk composition focuses on the delicate visual effect of the wall panels in a natural canneté texture, combined with the Modern black-stained hemlock suspended shelf. A twist of colour is provided by the Modern hanging units with drop-leaf door or the open cabinets lacquered in arancio zucca.

Porro Modern Dining 6