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Apartment Next to the River of Turia by Manuel García Asociados


From the idea of Belén and Antonio, a young couple with two 1 and 3-years old kids, come up this project located in the capital of Turia. From the beginning, the challenge was to adapt the space in just something more than 90m2 following an ambitious program that meet the needs of this young family. One master bedroom with the closet and complete integrated bathroom, two kid´s bedrooms, working zone, other complete bathroom with the bath tub, living room, dining room, kitchen and a laundry room.

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The adjusted dimension of the apartment obliged us to reduce to the maximum areas of passage and try to make every corner habitable and functional. The whole day-area is solved in a single space, pursuing an open concept to achieve bigger breadth in the parts of the house where the family spends most of their time, looking for the facade light that bathe the entire day-area. This favours not only a more modern vision of the space but also greater interconnection between the family.

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The entrance is integrated into the kitchen itself being reduced to a small step next to the island. The furniture in L, the central body and a small breakfast bar delimit the kitchen area forming a volume of taupe grey colour bounded by a stone-like porcelain pavement that thanks to its subtle white streaks visually connect the kitchen units. Kitchen columns hide the entrance to the service area, a small interior patio that absorbs the morphological irregularities of the floor plan and provides sophistically hidden space with laundry and ironing service. The living room takes over the brightest and the most open part of the house.

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A large central storage designed in pure lines in black and white tones counteracts the air sophisticated procured by mouldings and lighting elements with touches of gold that accompany the entire house. A refined appearance that is combined with a wink of industrial aspect materialized in the raw concrete pillar and in the textured glass doors with black metal frames. Meanwhile the night area is traditionally more divided to provide privacy to every member of this young family.

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The master bedroom is singled out by the incorporation of the bathroom as a large crystal cubicle that reveals its careful design. The treatment that we have conferred on this piece, resembles a language more typical for a hotel room, emphasizing the interconnection of spaces.

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The rest of the rooms are located in the second hallway which has also become a study and work area that enclose the rooms of the youngest inhabitants of the house. In order to visually expand this space and continue with the objective of connecting the different areas we decided to place a permeable enclosure, a sliding glass door framed by black metal profiles that in addition to defining the space acts as a decorative element too. The kid´s rooms are placed next to the main facade so they can enjoy more natural light. Both rooms are characterized by the introduction of colour which works as a differentiating element too. A soft makeup tone and a water green distinguish the storage areas.

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Apartment next to the river of Turia; Location: Valencia; Floor area: 92 m2; Year of realization: 2019; Interior design: Manuel García Asociados; Photography: Diego Opazo;

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