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Neoclassical And Art Deco Features in Vilnius Interior


Neoclassical decor elements on the walls, aristocratic details, high ceilings, and gorgeous parquet are the bones of this apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania. Studio Toota was charged with turning it into a stylish, functional modern home, and they succeeded flawlessly.

toota interior vilnius 1

toota interior vilnius 2

They used stunning terrazzo structures that go perfectly with the neo-classic and aristocratic bones, and same goes for trendy velvet upholsteries ( in gorgeous deep green none the less), small brass details for sparkle and characteristic furniture and lamp pieces, all signature elements of Toota’s design that give the elegant ambiance of this urban apartment décor. The lightness of the composition comes from the typical for the Toota stylistic combination between modern classic and elegant. Furniture details with mid-century stylistic are freshened up by modern textures and colors. Mainly white color base with additions in trendy pastels and occasional deep color touch create a well-balanced and fresh ambiance.

toota interior vilnius 3

toota interior vilnius 4

Another trade typical for the designers’ stylistic is the attention to the smallest detail and, in this case, the multiple brass accents that go stylistically so very well with the aristocratic rims of doors and ceilings. Small sparkles adorn the configuration of the premises; custom-made cabinet and door handles, curtains rails, the lamps’ metal frames, and even the mirrors frames are made from the trendy metal adding to the classic and romantic beauty of the décor. The open plan configuration of the kitchen, dining, and living room premises has some characteristic details, worth noticing as well.

toota interior vilnius 6

toota interior vilnius 5

First is the alternation of pink and deep green velvet upholsteries on chairs and couches, adding the warm accent of textural variety. Then the beauty of the geometric shapes comes – the juxtaposition of floor and ceiling patterns. And on top of that, the gorgeous terrazzo kitchen island that sits so stylishly in the composition, introducing trendy note to the neoclassic pattern of plaster rims, wooden parquets, and velvet textures. Wall cabinets hide the cutlery and other modern life items and supplement the pure, almost minimalist décor idea. Photos by Norbert Tukaj;

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