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Renovation Project from the Trendy Lithuanian Studio Toota


Another project from the hot and trendy Lithuanian studio Toota, this time with a stylish design that successfully combines the studio’s signature fresh and modern approach with beautiful trades form the historical past of the building in which the flat is located. The designers share that they had a fun dusting of old history books, rediscovering pottery, and the characteristic features of old mills and deciphering forgotten Lithuanian symbols, while placing them all in a modern context. Well, we had fun exploring the final result of this Mill flat decor configuration and renovation.

interior vilnius toota 7

interior vilnius toota 2

interior vilnius toota 4

The beautiful geometry of the kitchen, dining, living room open floor arrangement’s is exquisitely underlined by custom-made structure – half shelves, monolith islands, and flexible bookshelves – and by the alternations of color shades and materials. For a warmer nuance in the living room section, an exposed brick wall from the historical past of the place is left, showing the glorious masonry form times past.

interior vilnius toota 1

interior vilnius toota 5

This dynamic entwinement of then and now is combined with beautiful light wood segments, parqueted, furniture pieces, and customized shelving. A trendy, large modular sofa in elegant light gray completes the decor composition here, giving a relaxed, inviting, and stylish center. The mounted TV wall has a minimalist yet functional arrangement and is underlined by half – shelf underneath illuminated with cleverly arranged in-lighting. Similar alternation of textures – historic brick and modern smooth surfaces and difference in levels of the geometric expression is used in the kitchen-dining corner, creating a dynamic configuration with a modern and functional edge.

interior vilnius toota 8

interior vilnius toota 6

interior vilnius toota 3

The bedroom design is also a gorgeous and artistic expression of modern spirit with a historical backbone. Here the trendy canopy bed frame in birch red is perfectly matched in its minimalist yet significant presence by the abstract art on the wall, the custom-made door handles of the closed and by the, again, beautiful beige brick wall construct.

interior vilnius toota 9

Romantic arch-shaped window shutters in the wall give you a sneak-peak into the modern bathroom premise. And speaking of bathroom, the apartment’s bathroom is an epitome of purity with strong, romantic textural spirit. It is like – preserved ruins with a modern twist – sleek bathtub and golden terrazzo cladding, glass partitions, and clever illumination project are entwined with exposed brick elements and polished concrete. Stylish, creative, and modern with unique character and dynamic decor shapes – this is the Mill flat in a nutshell. Photos by Norbert Tukaj;

interior vilnius toota 11

interior vilnius toota 13

interior vilnius toota 12

interior vilnius toota 15

interior vilnius toota 14