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Carefully Chosen Palette of Colors at New Living Divani Collection


From the outset, Living Divani‘s distinctive features are clean silhouettes, sophistication, a carefully chosen palette of colors and a sense of energy and freedom: characteristics that are impressed, like a seal, in the latest novelties for the privileged field of action of the brand, the living area, proving how the Company has succeeded in reaching across the world of design in constant expansion with its own genuine and individual interpretation.

living divani 7

Sofa and armchair Greene, design David Lopez Quincoces 2019
The Spanish David Lopez Quincoces designs Greene, an armchair and sofa in fixed measures defined by gentle curves for a relaxed and casual proposal: a structured yet soft perimeter welcomes ample cushions while standing on slender feet, restating once again the attention toward every small detail.

living divani 5

Sofa Floyd-Hi, design Piero Lissoni, 2018-2019
The particular of the armrest and back cushions set between structure and seat, and the foot, available in the sculptural bracket version or with single feet (2019), distinguish the fixed sofa Floyd-Hi, declined in linear and elliptical forms to outline the domestic and contract spaces.

living divani 8

Bookcase Sailor, design David Lopez Quincoces, 2019
Clean and simple intersecting lines that balance the visual impact of the whole are the defining characteristics of Sailor, the new floor-to-ceiling or wall-mounted bookcase. The airy pace of the vertical uprights, with hexagonal section, contrasts with the tighter rhythm of the slender shelves, created by bringing together two different materials in a “chiaroscuro” play which shows a refined wood craftsmanship skill. Bookcase inspired by the world of boating, which allows maximum freedom for floor-to-ceiling or wall mounted compositions.

living divani sailor david lopez quincoces 1

Bar unit Aero B, design Shibuleru, 2019
Living Divani re-confirms its artistic collaboration with Shibuleru, the design studio founded by Lukas Scherrer. Scenographic presence in the living or dining room, the bar cabinet Aero B shares the same lightness of the bookcase, concealing a container through shutter doors that slide along the perimeter, offering a dynamic alternation of full and empty spaces.

living divani 12

Islands, design Stephen Burks, 2019
For the first time, Living Divani crosses paths with the New York designer and keen traveller Stephen Burks: Islands is a family of free standing storage units accessible from different sides, thanks to a perimeter of aluminium slats which appear to have been randomly fitted. A central pivot allows them to rotate and create either a compact shape or an airy presence, offering different interpretations of the same product and an example of fine craftsmanship.

living divani islands stephen burks 4

Pebble Low Table, design Lanzavecchia + Wai, 2019
The family of Pebble Low Table by Lanzavecchia + Wai design studio takes once again inspiration from organic shapes. Following the success of the vanity desk presented last year, the idea of Pebble expands, creating a family of small coffee tables defined by light and delicate silhouette, like stones, that privileges now a rounded layout or an elongated one. They follow the concept that nature never repeats itself, creating something different every time. Fluid bodies that move in space, where the simplicity of the shape matches the preciousness of the materials and the accuracy of the execution, for sophisticatedly unique furnishings.

living divani pebble lanzavecchia wai 1

Flap, design Studio Klass, 2019
Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini, from Milan-based Studio Klass, seal their first collaboration with Living Divani. The new Flap tables, available in round, rectangular, square and oval shape, are defined by a lacquered structure which welcomes a wooden top that opens thanks to a piston, enjoying always different relationships between humans and products.

living divani 11

living divani sailor david lopez quincoces 2

living divani pebble lanzavecchia wai 3