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Dwelling that Can Act as Co-work and Co-living Space


Dynamic, modern, and youthful loft project in Vilnius, Lithuania created by IMPLANT Architecture & Design comes to show how the extra height in the spatial configuration can be used as an additional charming feature of clever design.

implantarchitecture sd loft 3

As we have mentioned before the modern Lithuanian design shows not only the hottest trends but also some amazing and stylish inspirations for the creation of dynamic and artistic decors. This newly build loft space is a contemporary extension of an industrial building (another hot trend – turning former industrial spaces into residential areas – a movement typical for modern cities) and is designated to host a young couple with a dynamic lifestyle. So, the design was aiming to turn the spacious and full of light space into a flexible modern dwelling that can act as a home, occasional work, co-work, and co-living space.

implantarchitecture sd loft 1

Cleverly adapting to the extra height of the loft configurations, the designers used the primary roof structure as well as the added mezzanine structure and left them exposed where possible, thus creating a sense of depth and textural richness for the interior space. Skylight openings and panoramic, floor to ceiling window secure luminosity for the clear-line design configuration of the loft. The light color palette for the main structures and materials base, with additional, vitalizing accents in deep blue, red and orange, give a dynamic and playful character to the decor project. Pale walls, exposed concrete surfaces, and wooden elements create a simple interior background that is accentuated by free-standing, modern design furniture pieces.

implantarchitecture sd loft 2

Some characteristic modern design insertions give additional character to the dynamic configuration. The blond wood dining table and chairs set with their rustic cottage charms are in dramatic dialog with the ultra modern kitchen configuration and suspended metal details of the design. Still, clear lines and pure geometrical shapes prevail, giving freshness and modern ease to the whole design idea. The modern tile cladding in the bathroom, the large living room sofa, and the clever sliding door insertions are other trendy moments of the decor confirming the sense of modern Lithuanian designers for the hottest flows in word’s design scene. Photo: Norbert Tukaj;

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