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Ukrainian WabiSabi Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects


“Imperfect beauty” – that is how the design team from Sergey Makhno Architects describe their very unusual, yet trend defining project. And we must agree, although the attention to each small detail and the inspired combination between organic and modern, artsy and cozy has nothing imperfect in it.

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 14

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 15

Its’ more like: earthly and rough beauty with a smooth modernistic twist. Quite an intriguing design project for a family nest, well, actually, this impressive decor project belongs to a small separate apartment for a young couple – a small part of the big family nest. Following the complicated yet simple idea of the Japanese Wabi Sabi way of life, the designers searched for balance, simplicity, and harmony designing the home.

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 13

Organic materials, purity of expression (including restrained color, material, and textural compositions) and expressive focal points are the hallmarks in creating this unique urban home that combines modern and rustic, nature, and technologies.

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 1

The ceiling, walls, and sometimes floors of the apartment’s space are covered in different textural expressions of clay and wood, clay and straw. The earthly tonality of the clay is balanced throughout the decor with the strong black accents and trendy gray insertions. Artistic shapes, mainly custom made designers’ lamps created by the architectural studio and replicas of fine ceramic artists- like the ceramic vase designed by Sergey Makhno and Slavko Odarchenko inspired by the work of a famous Japanese artist Shiro Tsujimura, decorate the premises and create intriguing focal points. Large panoramic windows (framed with trendy black frames) invite the surrounding natural landscape to become an important protagonist from the home’s ambiance.

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 2

Hidden storage units and premises accentuate the simplicity of the Wabi Sabi way of life. The main living premise with its cave like ambiance (thanks to the clay cladding and the arched ceilings) archives an intriguing balance between rustic and modern; trendy large modular sofa placed in the center of the composition is balanced by wooden log for a coffee table , the same goes for the dining corner- trendy, artistic lamps with cloudy shapes and black veneer cladding coexist with unfinished wooden slab for a beautiful dining table.

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 7

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 9

apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 11

The private areas also fallow the philosophical nature of the Wabi Sabi design idea in combination with the most trendy ideas for creating modern home ambiance; the very popular approach of leaving the bathroom and bedroom connected – with either open floor plan composition, or transparent glass separation, is applied here with beautiful style and elegant combinations. We just love the dialog between the low platform bed and its cozy invitation and the romantic bathtub silhouette placed in front of the beautiful nature panorama behind the windows. It’s a premise design that tells a story in elegant and natural language. And that is something we can say for the whole decor project – beautiful execution of organic idea with a modern twist.

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apartment young couple wabi sabi decor 4

Type: apartment | Area: 200 sq.m | Location: Kozyn, Kyiv | Year: 2019 | Photo: Serhii Kadulin

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