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GA Apartment by Studio LIM


One of the biggest challenges in retrofitting old apartments is to correct visual structural imperfections previously hidden by walls. Before removing walls or changing layouts, it is essential to analyze the project in three dimensions.

ga apartment studio lim 1

ga apartment studio lim 3

This is the APTO SG, located in São Paulo City, which had the layout remodeled in accordance with contemporary trends and the client’s needs. The ideas of reshaping the volumes were based on the structure of the apartment.

ga apartment studio lim 7

Enjoying a beautiful view of the park and the city skyline, the white walls reflect the light and create an atmosphere of an art gallery. A blank canvas for the dweller to tell his own story through art. The original hardwood floor has been complemented and restored, contrasting (and warming) the place.

ga apartment studio lim 6

The layout suffered the following necessary changes: The guest room was too large, so part of it was used to expand the living room by reshaping the two walls and the beams that together define the concept of the project. This room connects the social area to the private area of the apartment. The master bedroom was remodeled merging two bedrooms into one, creating enough space to work, dress and sleep.

ga apartment studio lim 4

There was plenty of space in the laundry and employee dependency, an old-fashioned need, so, the idea was to convert these areas into a kitchen, which by the way, previously occupied half the living area. The new kitchen is composed by monochromatic colors, contrasting and complementing the rest of the apartment in an integrated, but reserved way. Thus, the apartment gained a contemporary atmosphere and it is ready to receive a new lifestyle, of a new generation and new values. Looking ahead! Photos: André Mortatti;

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ga apartment studio lim

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