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Fashionable Pink Apartment Decor by Martin’s


Modern urban minimalism and trendy stylistics are composing the interior of this contemporary city apartment. Fashionable entwinement of solid black surfaces and metal frames in combination with exposed concrete ceilings and the warm sparkle from the brass and wooden additions gives the base of the decor. Elegant and creative spirit on a base of purity and clean lines, this is the design project by Martin’s studio. The color palette is also balanced between cold and soft, cool and cheerful. We love the way the soft pinks are alternating with either black or trendy grays and the way the sea greens and blues give a fresh and easy going vibe to the decor. Artistic color, material, and textural alternation give vitality to the minimalist and robust composition.

martins pink 88 apartment 3

martins pink 88 apartment 1

And speaking of artistic – one of the most prominent features of this apartment’s decor (apart from its general urban coolness) is the way the design studio used old objects as a base for trendy and unique furniture pieces. From the nightstand by the bed, to the dining table and chairs bases (old industrial machinery in tune with the exposed concrete ceilings). Even the bathrooms have a unique and bespoke vibe – artistic mosaics and tiles and sleek, elegant arrangements. The main social areas benefit from the large panoramic windows – an approach the architects extend further and use glass separations ( framed in trendy black metal frames) to separate part of the social zone – the music and dining premises.

martins pink 88 apartment 4

martins pink 88 apartment 2

The open plan composition of the small kitchen corner with its lively brass bar and bespoke stools compositions and the soft sitting area are unified despite their color juxtaposition (solid black and light pinks) by the thin sea-green metal frames in both spaces. In one of the premises, this stand-out detail is used as a base for stools, in the other as a small rim under the window and dynamic and artistic shelving. Actually, the shelving projects throughout the apartment- in bathrooms and bedrooms as well as in the living areas are something to pay special attention to.

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martins pink 88 apartment 12

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