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Almadin Apartment by Dolgopiatova Design


In a mood for something playful and chic? Here is an apartment project with contemporary spirit and stylish execution of the design idea. Located in central Kiev and designed by young and dynamic studio Dolgopiatova Design, the apartment is designated for a family with two children. Still, its youthful and artistic spirit can serve multiple generations in a dynamic manner.

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 1

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 2

Oksana Dolgopiatova used an eclectic mixture of timeless shapes, bold colors, vintage hints, and trendy insertions. The very popular stylistic of urban luxury that includes brass elements and trendy lamps, marble surfaces juxtaposed to concrete claddings, and the playful vintage details ( in this case; textural patterns and some iconic furniture pieces), works in an artistic and stylish manner in this modern design composition.

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 5

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 3

Character-defining design solutions entwine practicality and artistic innovations. The bold color palette is dominated by the entwinement of trendy black and characteristic shade of the granite stone Almadin – red and red-violet. The expressive textural, material, and color sequence of the main portal gives additional focal strength to this very charming and characteristic feature of the design project. The doors artistic silhouettes are inspired by Milan’s old mansions gates. In this apartment’s artistic design project door frames are used as portals towards different words or at least different functions of the daily life – social areas, children’s quarters, private ones.

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 6

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 4

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 7

Another eye-catching design touch are the circular shapes and ornaments spread throughout the apartment– from the retro pattern on the living room curtains to the artistic lamps installations ( especially the one in the master bedroom), from small decorative details and furniture pieces to decor structures and even bathroom basins and tubs. Different circular shapes can be found in each room’s composition – lamps above the kitchen table, sofa, corridor, textural patterns and rugs, and so on. These artistic and unique design solutions unify the stylistic and the characteristic color composition of the interior.

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 8

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 22

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 21

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 20

Cute retro furniture and decorative details give a cheerful and playful vibe to the open-plan social zone composition. The bathroom exudes stylish luxury in minimalist color palette and sleek, simplistic shapes. Brass ornaments and marble give a jazzy touch to the modern lines. We love the airy, black curtains in the master bedroom composition that combined with trendy textiles and additional colors give a cozy, welcoming, and stylish feel to this private area. There is something very sensual in the alternation of peach pinks and solid blacks. Don’t you think? Photos: Andrey Bezuglov;

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 16

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 11

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 9

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 14

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 13

dolgopiatova almadin apartment 12