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The Pin Collection Lights Up Leading Hotels


Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia, the Pin collection is defined by a striking interplay of geometric forms. Lean lines pair with a bold, circular base and diminutive dome shade in a silhouette that recalls abstract symbols. Powered by an LED light source, its tips radiate a soft nimbus of light.

vibia pin collection 1

vibia pin collection 5

Whether displayed individually or in customized combinations, Pin creates a stunning architectural statement with distinctly playful appeal. Read on for inspired applications of our Pin collection in premier European hotels. Surrounded by hundreds of olive trees in Puglia, Italy, Masseria Dagilupi hotel occupies one of the ancient fortified structures commonly found in the region.

vibia pin collection 4

The restored space’s Garden Suite Ulivo retains many of the building’s centuries-old features, including thick limestone walls and arched ceilings. Amid the pared-down, rustic rooms, Pin lights provide a contemporary counterpoint. A pair of lamps bookend the bed like a frame, while a floor fixture illuminates the simple seating area, its matte black finish offering a graphic pop against the whitewashed walls.

vibia pin collection 3

vibia pin collection 8

In Stockholm’s modern, sustainable Grow Hotel, an interior by Note Design Studio features Pin lights in the guest rooms. Built into the bed’s wooden headboard, the wall fixture’s outstretched arms create visual interest, their lilting lines lending a delicate, organic sensibility to the streamlined décor. On the opposite wall, a compact Pin lamp serves as a minimalist punctuation point above the table.

vibia pin collection 12

vibia pin collection 11

The Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel offers a restful retreat in the coastal town of Tenerife, Spain, where minimalist interiors by allow the surrounding seaside to take center stage. In the guestrooms, a pair of Pin lamps are affixed to the headboard, their ambient, indirect glow illuminating the rich oak headboard and conjuring the look of a never-ending sunset. And atop the desk, a Pin light’s sleek silhouette echoes the table’s streamlined look.

vibia pin collection 2

vibia pin collection 7

vibia pin collection 6