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Logs Coat Hanger Design by Büro Famos


The German design studio Büro Famos has taken wood offcuts and transformed them into a star-shaped minimalist coat hanger. Hanna Litwin and Romin Heide from the Berlin-based studio Büro Famos were intrigued by the idea of making a simple product from a small number of wooden components.

logs coat hanger 1

logs coat hanger 5

“We weren’t necessarily driven by the idea of sustainability, but when developing our product we noticed that TON furniture production produces lots of pieces of quality beech and oak wood that are not suitable for making chairs, but are perfect for our coat hanger,” explains Hanna their initial thinking behind Logs.

logs coat hanger 2

“The neat idea of utilising wood offcuts is further enhanced with product packaging, as Logs hangers are shipped in cardboard that was once used for shipping chairs. Customers can request that the cardboard from their orders be returned once their furniture is unpacked, and the returned cardboard is used anew. In addition, the coat hangers are packed in a workshop employing people with disabilities, located right inside the TON company complex,“ elaborates Romin on the full social impact of their product.

logs coat hanger 4

logs coat hanger 3

The minimalist design lends itself to a wide range of uses and playful combinations. “The coat hangers can be hung individually, arranged as multiples in a row, or clustered in a group with each hanger finished in a different PANTONE shade,” adds Hanna. Things can be thrown away…or happily reused. So go ahead and hang Logs on your wall. Logs will be officially unveiled at the imm Cologne trade fair on 13 January 2020.

logs coat hanger 7