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Three Geometric Gifts for an Unconventional Christmas by Formae


Products which express themselves through the appeal of clean geometries, created only from essential elements, for a return to aesthetic purity and simplicity. These are the characteristics of the collections from Formae, a brand recently presented at Maison et Objet, which is entering the world of high design after extensive experience in the field of structural metalwork.

Formae Pura Studio Zero 2

In a sector which worships the limited edition and the luxury dimension, Formae offers a proudly different vision: large production runs of product ranges made from industrial components reinterpreted through an artisan process which gives a handmade touch to every object. The end result is a series of products aimed at a wide audience: neither democratic nor mass-produced, simply aimed at people, beyond the dynamics of luxury goods and limited editions.

Formae Elle Chiara Ricci 5

Roommate is Formae’s second collection, recently unveiled at a Paris trade fair: it features a modular design language, and is composed of products which are able to interact with one another, but also to meld energetically with existing furniture in order to continuously suggest and develop new living strategies and compositions. The Pura magazine rack, the Archetto valet stand, and the Elle end table/magazine rack are part of this new collection: clean and geometric in their lines, they are brought together by a design strategy which is a return to simplicity and purity of form.

Formae Archetto Leonardo Fortino 1

Archetto is the valet stand inspired by the round arch, designed by Formae’s art director Leonardo Fortino. A metal tube describes the profile of the architectural structure which is symbolic of ancient Rome, the perfect semicircular arch. A small loggia thus lends its geometric forms to become a sleek and essential valet stand, composed of a rotating arm and two trays to hold accessories, providing practical substance to the minimalist design.

Formae Pura Studio Zero 3

Golden ratio reloaded: this is the inspiration behind Pura, the magazine rack designed by Studio Zero. This magazine rack with an unyielding character and refined nature seems to reference the most mysterious of all compositional strategies, one able to combine the essential linearity of geometric forms in a compositional union of perfect proportion and pure equilibrium. In Pura, circle, line and square intersect to form a palpably elegant and delicately transparent whole, defining an almost disembodied image of the golden ratio, which expresses all its symbolic power.

Formae Elle Chiara Ricci 4

The irony – and subtle intelligence of plays on words – inspires the end table/magazine rack Elle, designed by Chiara Ricci. A fitting play on words lies behind this product with a highly essential identity: its very name Elle – like the letter “L” in Italian, or the pronoun “she” in French – reveals a versatile nature which translates into two different functions, an end table with a semi-circular top, or an original magazine rack. Elegantly balanced between solids and voids, Elle is a design reduced to its smallest terms, without this making it commonplace.