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Nildo Jose Turned this Apartment in Sao Paulo into a Fresh and Sophisticated Residence


Combining contemporary and innovative design with vintage and artistic touches, the designer Nildo Jose turned this 130 sqm apartment in Sao Paulo into a fresh, unconventional, and sophisticated residence for a businessman who enjoys entertaining friends and family.

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The seamless connections between premises (mediated by beautiful blond wood pivoting doors), the openness of arrangement, and the light color palette, dominated by pastels, enhance the easy going and playful spirit of the design. Using furniture inspirations from the 60s and 70s in combination with ultra trendy decor touches (like the sink-in living room sofa or the elegant tile selection) and urban industrial elements – row concrete walls in combination with untainted wood – the design team achieved an atmosphere of well balanced dynamics and unexpected sophistication.

gm apartment nildo jose 2

The social zones entwine the abundant natural light with the lightness of colors and materials to create a fresh, welcoming ambiance where the everyday dynamics of life and the social interactions can go smoothly in a contemporary environment. The innovative entwinement of row concrete slabs (with industrial suggestion) extensive wooden cladding (so typical for modern Brazilian design projects) and trendy tile floorings gives an easy going and funky vibe to the apartments decor base – like a friendly bistro. Cool furniture pieces from iconic design brands (with a reference to a retro stylistic) and fresh color palette – dominated by the sea nuances of grays, whites, blues, and greens – add to the chill vibe characteristic for this modern interior.

gm apartment nildo jose 5

Intriguing solutions; like the amazing suspended sink countertop in the open connection between bedroom and bathroom – another trendy decor approach characteristic for modern design scene, of late – or the sink-in sofa in the living room with is large modular presence, the funky bar trailer or the rotating wooden doors give unmistakable identity to the project.

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The freshness of the apartment’s ambiance is further underlined by the color and materials selection; cool, smooth surfaces ( with industrial hint especially visible in the open – plan kitchen arrangement), light colors in the cold end of the scale – blue and green are dominant on floors and custom made structures and even shining metal additions ad to the chill vibe suitable for hot climates and dynamic lifestyle. This modernistic coolness is balanced by the warmth of the wood and other organic insertions – comfy leather reading chair, whitewash brick walls, and textile insertions. Here and there, a marble addition and other luxury items straighten the sophisticated and luxurious side of the interior.

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