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Chromatica by Note Design Studio


Vibia has developed Chromatica in collaboration with Note Design Studio, an innovative inspirational tool for architectural and interior design professionals. Based on a study of the different elements that make up architectural environments, Chromatica is an introductory program of 23 colours meticulously selected in order to combine with contemporary spaces and interiors, where light, colour and material play a crucial role.

Vibia Chromatica Note Design Studio 1

The various tones suggested by Vibia range from subdued to vibrant with different options for surface finishes ranging from matt to gloss, for combining with materials and different tones like stone, concrete, metal and tile. The chosen colour scale came about through the working experience of Vibia and Note regarding construction materials currently used by architects and how those materials are combined to create iconic and captivating spaces.

Vibia Chromatica Note Design Studio 2

The tonal groupings within the chromatic palette (Light, Dark, Neutral, Vibrant and Subtle) make reference as much to the materials as their capacity to be combined to generate an interior project. From vibrant tones to more neutral ones, as well as tones of more moderated intensity, the collection of Chromatica colours is conceived as a visual invitation for creating the spaces of the future.

Vibia Chromatica Note Design Studio 6

The chromatic scale can be organised in numerous ways, combining vibrant brights with stable foundation shades, or keeping a design monochromatic for instance. This system helps architects and interior designers to translate their ideas into sensations through creating integrated and timeless spaces. According to the colour group it will be easier to generate sensations of calm and comfort, creating warm comfortable relaxed spaces, others that are perhaps more open where the light takes on a greater importance or ambiences that are more vibrant where imaginations are given free reign.

Vibia Chromatica Note Design Studio 3

For ease of application, each colour is translated into its NCS system — Natural Colour System®. The collaboration between Vibia and the designers of Note Design Studio came about through understanding inspiration as a crucial element in the creative process for design professionals and allowing architects to go one step further. Chromatica becomes a practical tool that combines inspiration with real materials and provides a valuable resource that the interior designer or architect can utilise daily in their work.

Vibia Chromatica Note Design Studio 4