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Small 66 square meter Mezzanine Apartment by Studio In2


Playing with sizes and spatial arrangement, the design team from Studio In2 created this imaginative project – Nancy’s Big Apartment – a two-level loft in Taiwan, that challenges the conventional urban spatial design and creates unique, luminous dwelling with a flexible and playful spirit. An excellent example of how limited spaces in an urban setting can become iconic design inspirations. Located in one of Taipei’s most desirable and lively business districts, the mezzanine offers the challenge of limited ceiling height and small floor space for the designers to work on.

mezzanine apartment studioin2 2

mezzanine apartment studioin2 3

So, disputing the original sense of space and disturbing the pre-given arrangement, the creative team composed a space with playful, untypical, and even magical visual impact. Different objects of the decor deviate their scale and proportion from the conventional arrangements – chairs that appear big, bookshelves small, sliding door panels cut the line of the low ceilings, big wooden frames and movable separations of space create a flexible and dynamic spatial arrangement, which expands the sense of space.

mezzanine apartment studioin2 4

The first level of the apartment features an open  floor plan sequence the social area’s configuration; kitchen, dining bar, and soft sitting zone rest comfortably in complete whiteness. Monolith blocks are custom made for different functional zones – a very stylish and trendy TV Wall that doubles as wardrobe and partial space division are in harmony, as a structure with rounded corners, with the rest of the furnishing – the kitchen island and bar and the white, comfy sofa.

mezzanine apartment studioin2 1

mezzanine apartment studioin2 5

The minimalist whiteness of the main structures, furniture, and architectural shell, in combination with the large window openings (on two levels, we may add), is also a good design approach for expending limited space and giving it spacious and pure feel. Decorative objects and oversized details in black provide a visual dynamics to the decor configuration.

mezzanine apartment studioin2 9

mezzanine apartment studioin2 8

mezzanine apartment studioin2 7

The second level, on the other hand, offers a juxtaposition between wooden and white surfaces – an approach that creates the visual dynamic without crowding the limited spaces. Additions of glass and black metal only spice up, stylishly, the modern stylistics of the decor. Master barroom and working space are located in the dynamic spatial configuration of sliding doors, glass partitions and bridges, and untypical corners.

mezzanine apartment studioin2 15

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