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Nail Studio by Kilo / Honč


The concept of the space organisation is based on the need to divide the operation of the nail salon into more sections – foyer, a section for manicure, a more intimate pedicure section, cash register and a storage space with facilities for employees.

nail studio kilohonc 7

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We we appreciate when the architecture or interior is slightly unevenly arranged and imprecise, where the boundaries are not clearly defined and one can almost get the feeling of imperfection. Therefore, the final impression ends up being rather not so sterile. In the case of Bionails nail salon which is located in Tower 115 in Bratislava, we have defined the new layout with a soft, semitransparent, flexible textile wall.

nail studio kilohonc 4

nail studio kilohonc 6

With its diagonal position and transparency, it deforms the real dimensions of the space, while maintaining its unity, while still enabling transformation according to current needs. We appreciate the fact that due to this wall’s properties, we are unable to read the true depth of the space, it creates vague images, movements and, if necessary, it offers enough intimacy for customers who come to the pedicure and sit in a comfortable chair.

nail studio kilohonc 1

nail studio kilohonc 5

This space is simple, it does not have clearly defined operational limits, it only has clearly defined furniture. The colour scheme itself is based on the company’s design manual. The colour of the walls and floors unifies and adjusts the proportions of the space itself and defines it. Even before entering the interior, when you only perceive the salon from the corridor of the business space, you feel the subtle coordination of the interior. These walls create a rather symbolic backdrop.

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Project Name: Bio Nails – Nail Studio; Architecture Firm: Kilo / Honč; Location: Bratislava, SK; Built Area: 43sqm; Lead Architects: Mgr. art. Richard Kilo, Ing. arch. Matej Honč; Photo credits: Richard Kilo, Matej Honč;

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