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Home in Prague with a Playful and Luminous Spirit


Beautiful contemporary home in Prague, the Czech Republic with a playful and luminous spirit. Artistic approach, customized, unique angles, and modern functionality provide a comfortable and stylish sanctuary for dynamic family life. The architects from,… wait for it… No Architects, gave a new fresh life to a historic house with a garden and made it a dream come true for three families with small children.

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This unique cooperative of a home definitely deserves unique interior solutions. Designing each floor to meet the needs and style of each of the three families, the architects turned this three-story house into an amazing, dynamic and playful home, suitable to host untypical residents’ arrangements. Apart from creating a family unit homes on each floor, the architects composed communal spaces, including a laundry, cellars, and a shared club room – the idea of which we just love. But they also gave a stylish and artistic expression to each space of the families’ private areas. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

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Using pastel colors, playful shapes, tiles and angles, customized structure, and the basic luminosity of composition (abundance of natural light and white base for the color selection), the designers achieved a stylish individuality for each space. Creatively Including into the dеcor idea some of the house’s architectural originality (an arched niche in front of the windows, a hiding nudge under the stairs), the designers created a dynamic configuration of space. Underlining the stylish dеcor compositions with the use of colors (fresh mint green, light pink, mild orange and beige, and so on), they also accentuated some of the materials choices – an abundance of naked wood structures and beautiful tile compositions. The open spatial arrangement of the social zones – kitchen, dining, and living room areas -is characteristic for each floor. On one of the levels, a trendy hexagonal tile configuration (combining the stylish trinity of beige, gray and white – giving a luminous accent) on the floors is paired up with a fresh, untainted, blond wood structure and insertions creating a mild, pure and artistic ambiance.

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On the other family floor, the designer used the classical stylistic of the house’s historical past to create an elegant and yet playful atmosphere. Preserving the romantic beauty of rims on walls, doors, and window frames, the architects replicated them in the kitchen cabinetry stylistics and gave them light modern spin. An abundance of custom made structures, cabinetry, and shelving throughout the house’s décor secure practical and functional configuration for the different modern family dynamics. A stylish combination of materials – mainly beautiful wood and trendy ceramic and tile compositions – create an artistic and elegant ambiance sustained in the best traditions of modern European and Scandinavian design. Playful; insertions of color; here and there a red chair, door of detail will emerge, fresh pastels and luminous white form the base, and all is supplemented by blond wood. This palette creates an easy-going and artistic ambiance for modern family life. Photos: Studio Flusser;

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