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Kaizen Coffee by space+craft


Kaizen coffee co. is known as one of the best specialty coffee places in Bangkok, founded by a young barista, Arnun Wattanaporn whose passion is highly influenced by Australia’s vibrant coffee scene. After a widely successful reception from its coffee lovers, Kaizen has recently launched its new home in Ekamai, one of the prime locations in the heart of Bangkok.

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Surrounded by multiple high-rise buildings in some of the most vibrant areas in Bangkok, the double space stand-alone establishment of 100 sq.m. was raised among them. Having the front facade decorated with high clear glass, the first architectural challenge was to make the interior design outstanding and attractive when viewed from the main street. An enormous round oak plate engraved with ‘K’ for Kaizen, supplemented with LED light, was then affixed on the back wall accordingly. This element can be easily observed from the main street and thus presents a very firm identity to the café.

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This new Kaizen will not serve only a variety of coffee and beverages, but also a wide range of scrumptious healthy meals freshly prepared and served daily during breakfast till dinner. This intention has changed Kaizen’s interior design concept in both style and functions.

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The natural finish oak woods and dark grey bricks were opted as the main principle materials. The result is the harmonious combination and beautiful contrast of the structure at once. While the oak woods transmit a sense of coziness, the dark grey bricks bring about the sophistication to the interior space. The distinct brick pattern was installed at the counter bar and the first-floor wall, adding the design details as well as the exceptional character to the space.

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The furniture layout was designed as an open plan with a functional twist on both first and second floors. This was done to propose a variety of seating groups for the clients to have options of their preferred table depending on their desire whether they will have only coffee or meals. Finally, the new look of Kaizen Coffee has become uniquely outstanding among various coffee places in town and completely changed the well-accepted image of Kaizen, which is one of the best providers of quality coffee as well as healthy meals in the capital city of Thailand. Photos: Ketsiree Wongwan;

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