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Home Full of Light, which Bounces on Luxurious Brass Surfaces


Sometimes when one explores impressive contemporary design projects, there is that “Aha” moment when one successfully puts their finger on – which is that element giving life to the idea. In the case of this penthouse residence by Anderman Architects – called 264 in Tel Aviv is not the abundant space, is not the fact that it has a generous terrace with infinity pool, is not the elegant and artistic decor configurations, is the play between the natural light and the sparkling metal elements of the decor project.

apartment 264 anderman architects 7

apartment 264 anderman architects 8

Generous openings towards spectacular sunset and sunrise beams introduce the light and fresh air as an essential protagonist of the ambiance’s configuration. And then, of course, comes the jazzy and artistic sparkle of the multiple brass insertions that define the decor arrangement. They can be found in spectacular structures – like the wall separation monolith defining dining form kitchen areas, or in the bathroom fashionable arrangement, or even in the master bedroom – brass sheets cladding the headboard of the bed.

apartment 264 anderman architects 1

But the golden sparkle of this very hot and trendy material is also used on a smaller scale, as decor details – like a rim of lamps, chairs, and appliances – as well as a massive furniture elements: tables, coffee table frames and so on; thus securing the golden reflection of the natural light throughout the penthouse ambiance – very luxurious and characteristic approach towards materials selection for modern home.

apartment 264 anderman architects 6

But the 264’s interior  project offers many other inviting, stylish and iconic design touches. The perforated wall panel with movable sticks forming shelves in the bedroom comes to mind. Or the classic charm of the loveseat in deep blue velvet in the living room. We also love the terrace space and its pool – garden configuration. Large asymmetrical tiles in white, clad the premises in vertical, and gravel and oblong pebbles ground the simplistic plant pots. A very successful modern configuration with a strong, vital touch for the home.

apartment 264 anderman architects 3
The main social area is cleverly designed to benefit to the maximum of the double-height configuration of the space. Securing the open staircase, leading to the mezzanine level, a metal mesh (in delicate, thin red pattern) becomes a significant protagonist of the stylish decor arrangement. The division of premises in the open plan configuration of living, dining, and kitchen areas is secured by half walls (some with very impressive structures) and unexpected angles and turns in the narrow and high space.

apartment 264 anderman architects 4

The kitchen arrangement is dominated by large monolith rectangles giving it a utilitarian and modernistic edge. Softer shapes and oblong insertions appear in the living room zone. All of the furniture configurations and materials used in the design project speak of luxury and artistic style. The same counts for the second floor of the penthouse, where the master bedroom and bathroom premises resign. The brass elements and structures dominate the interior here as well, giving the private quarters the same touch of sparkling glamour.

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